Saturday, May 8, 2010


My grandma was a strong woman and a stubborn one.
She believed in manners- even to the end when we were feeding her, her response was often "Thanks ever so much but I really don't want any."
She loved fiercely.
She believed that everyone should keep their thoughts to themselves- not in a bad way- rather that what's your business is yours and no one elses. Because of this, there are lots of secrets that she has carried to the grave.
She was cheeky herself, but called others 'cheeky buggers' or 'sneaky puss'.
She loved my grandpa to bits and missed him terribly when he died. They used to dance the quickstep together and win awards.
She always has lovely nails. When I was a kid I wanted her to file mine like hers but she said that she couldn't unless I stopped biting them- I did.
She served us Savoy Crackers with tasty cheese & gerkin or tasty cheese & tomato as a snack, always with lashings of white pepper. That pepper showed up in mashed potato too.
She always sat in the armchair and grandpa on the ground with Lindy, the dog.
She taught me how to 'sew' on a toy sewing machine that she and grandpa bought me.
She liked her coffee SO weak, instant- just a few granules of Nescafe Blend 43 with a squeeze of lemon.
She liked custard.
She was always taken by my engagement ring- ooing and ahhing whenever she saw it. I got to introduce and tell her about Toby over and over. She thought that 'he wanted a hair cut'. In a hospital bed, she said that she'd do it.
She hated having her photo taken, but always giggled when I took one. I'm so glad that I did.
And that I have these from our wedding, just 7 months ago.

She died tonight at around 7pm. The alzheimers had been stealing her mind and body away for some years, but it never took her essense.
We will miss you Grandma and we love you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things I'm loving at the start of May

  1. Sleeping under the doona on our bed again.
  2. Having fresh cut roses from my garden inside every week!
  3. Cups of peppermint tea.
  4. Pretty light around 5:15pm.
  5. The calm before the 'report' storm.
  6. Painting my nails bright colours.
  7. Catching up on Master Chef online if we miss it!
  8. Meal planning- it makes dinner time so much easier!
  9. Quietish weekends.
  10. Encouraging emails from parents in my grade.
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