Saturday, May 12, 2012

project gratitude: 0512

May 12- Today I am grateful for a visit to a baby market and some great bargains! Also for very happy news during a visit from my friend Rachel and a new baby, Pip, for Rachel and Tim (friend from work).

Friday, May 11, 2012

project gratitude: 0511

May 11- Today I am grateful for mum's help in holding Tilly as I cleaned up the back room a little. And now for this growing bundle, sleep feeding in my arms.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let sleeping babies lie...

... and let their mum's have coffee and cinnamon donuts. :)

This is how I spent 30 mins this afternoon after Tilly fell asleep in Woolies. I wasn't about to pull her out of the pram and into the car!

project gratitude: 0510

May 10- Today I am grateful for rekindled friendships, giggling Tilly and earlier nights.

project gratitude: 0509

May 9- Today I am grateful for new blinds, autumn leaves, baby karaoke at the library with some mum's group friends and a happy sleeping Tilly.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nicole and Adam's wedding day

We were lucky enough to be invited to the wedding of Nic and Ads on the weekend. It was so special to be there to celebrate with them their marriage and to be in a beautiful part of the world at the same time.

The weekend was based in North-Eastern Victoria. They were married in the Anglican church in Corowa and the reception was at All Saints Winery near Rutherglen. We tripped from Vic to NSW a few times over the weekend and loved every minute of it. Something lovely was having a chicken and champagne brunch by the Murray on Sunday morning. As all of us had traveled to be there and the happy couple live in rural NSW, it was extra special to be able to spend that extra time together. Here are some photos from the wedding and reception.

Matilda @ 4 months

At 4 months Matilda...

measurements taken 26/4/12 (3 months 3 weeks) old
  • weighs 7545g / 16lb 10oz (90th percentile)
  • is 61.5cm long (50th percentile)
  • has a head circumference of 41.5cm (75th percentile)
  • wears 000/0-3month clothes and some 00
  • is still in crawler nappies.
  • thinks that hard kisses on her cheeks are funny.
  • still gets called Tilly Bear most of all but also Bubba and Boofa.
  • is very alert.
  • loves mummy and daddy very much and smiles biggest for us. 
  • looks for mummy when she is with someone else.
  • finds the TV and computer screens amazing to watch!
  • celebrated her first Easter with Grandma, Grandpa, mum and dad at the beach.
  • visited Inverloch for the first time with Granny, daddy and mummy.
  • earned the new nickname of 'Bubbles' from Granny because she was blowing bubbles all the time!
  • cried real tears for the first time :(  (8/4/12)
  • discovered her thumb is good for sucking (25/4/12)
  • enjoys the bath again! I couldn't believe it when she lay down with no crying and then repeated the same each time. Baths are once again a relaxing part of our night routine.
  • bears her full weight on her legs. She can stand with very little support and if you let her go can stay up for a few seconds. 
  • had her first cold... complete with coughs, sneezes and boogers!  :(  (26/4/12)
  • blurts and blows raspberries with her mouth.
  • smiles when we blurt her tummy!
  • may be working on teething... chomping on anything and everything.
  • has worked out how to scream! Screams are often a happy sound but can also indicate pain.
  • scoots or rotates on her tummy. She can be put down facing one way and when you look back she is 90 or 180 degrees in the other direction! 
  • has had a return of the reflux. This has lead to a very unsettled baby at times and lots of tears (some from me too!). There was a good fortnight where I couldn't lay her flat on her back during the day, meaning that I had to carry her ALL THE TIME. Very tiring, and difficult when you don't know what to do to help! A visit to our maternal health nurse where she suggested we contact Dartnell's to try their Colic/Reflux compound. AWESOME STUFF!!! Working on sleeping in the cot again during the day from awake. 
  • pushes her hands into the floor to help her push up off the ground.
  • getting close to rolling from back to tummy. She can get a bit frustrated when she's on her tummy too as she tries to flip over. 
  • reaches out for my hand when she is feeding.
  • is prone to pulling my hair. :(
  • went on her first holiday (other than family beach houses) to Rutherglen for Nic and Adam's wedding. It was a long car trip but for the most part she was a trooper! She even got to visit NSW!
  • is working on moving her bedtime to earlier than 11:30pm... we've been averaging 9-10pm and sleeping through until around 5-6am... not bad!
And here is my little princess at 4 months (and 3 days!).

And the comparisons...

project gratitude: 0508

May 8- Today I am grateful for lovely photos and that Tobes could have today off.

Monday, May 7, 2012

project gratitude: 0507

May 7- Today I am grateful for a safe trip home and a wonderful weekend celebrating friendships. Wonderful photos were taken which I can't wait to share. Love love love them. Quite possibly my favourite photos I've ever taken of Matilda. And Ish took some brilliant shots if our little family and I took some of Ads, Nic and Sienna. Just need to post them when they're ready.
For now, sleep!

Photos of Warrabilla Winery today where Toby enjoyed some tastings and Tilly stole attention. She slept really well for most of the drive home. We even got to visit Auntie Chris and Uncle John in Shepparton- and came home with bulbs from their nursery. Thank you!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

project gratitude: 0506

May 6- Today I am grateful for a lovely catch up with Nick and Ads and their family by the Murray.

project gratitude: 0505

May 5- Today I am grateful for Adam and Nicole who we celebrated the wedding of today in country Victoria and New South Wales. Such a beautiful day- with the morning spent enjoying the sights, tastes and scenes of Rutherglen's main street, the afternoon wedding in Corowa and an evening reception at All Saints Winery. Divine! So happy for you Nic and Ads. xoxo
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