Saturday, January 14, 2012

The most beautiful girl in the world

I dare you to disagree with me!

Friday, January 13, 2012

project gratitude: 0113

January 13: Today has been a full and wonderful day. 

Tilly slept for her normal 7 or so hours overnight and woke snuggly. It's been the busiest day of visitors yet, but there's also been some down time. 

Lois (Gran) visited this morning and brought with her the label for the quilt that she's made... too cute! Her and Tobes went out for an hour or two while Tilly and I cuddled at home.

Bec came for a visit and brought Emily with her. Amazing to see what a difference 4 weeks makes to the growth of a baby- though Milly was around 1kg heavier than Tilly at birth! It's very special to have old friends to share this special time with. Matilda got her first set of labels (which I was VERY excited about!).

We swapped babies!
Then.... such a treat! I checked my work email last night (seriously something that I do not do) and found an email from Monique and Morgyn, written just an hour or two earlier. I taught Morgyn for grade 2 in 2010 before they moved to Sydney (sniff) at the end of that year. We have emailed occasionally through that time but not seen each other. Fate had it that they were in Melbourne today and they wanted to know if we were free for a visit. I could not say no! SO lovely to see them after more than a year.
As a teacher, each child I teach has a special place in my heart, but there are some families that you work with who lodge themselves a little deeper. These guys are one of those families. It was brilliant to see Pops again (and we were glad that Toby's hot chocolate got an 8/10!). Just sad that Jenna couldn't make it too!

We will be spoiled with a meal from friends tonight and we have some in the fridge ready for others. I am grateful for friends caring for us through meals in this way. Thank you!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

project gratitude: 0112 part 2

And snuggles with this hairy one..,

project gratitude: 0112

January 12 : Today I am grateful for

3am interactions 
Sandy getting along with his little sister

visits from friends

project gratitude: 0111

January 11 : Today I am grateful for

my first sushi rolls in over 9 months
my little family

a daddy that loves his daughter

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

project gratitude: 0110

January 10- Today I am grateful that we got out of the house for the first time. We had an adjustment with Auntie Anth, got Sandy some new cat food and picked up some bits and pieces from the chemist.

We also had a lovely visit with Toby's mum and she gave us a gorgeous quilt she's made. Mum and dad also visited for a bit this afternoon. Lovely to see special people but also looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow. Have discovered that mornings are best for visitors.

for sweet milk drunk smiles

and a (small) glass of wine with dinner

project gratitude: 0109

January 9- Today I am grateful for

Lansinoh cream... EVERY breastfeeding mum needs this (and Ural!)

Fitting into my jeans and feeling good about myself

Visits from family... that mum now has a granddaughter and my nephews have a cousin!

project gratitude: 0108

January 8th- I am grateful for 

this smile

taking home this little girl

finishing pregnancy lighter than I started!

project gratitude: 0107

January 7- I am grateful for 
  • a daughter who is well after a very rough night with pediatrician visits and blood tests. 
  • normal blood sugar levels in Tilly.
  • high level, caring midwives.
  • being treated like a normal mum and not someone with a sick baby.
  • Cooper being able to cuddle Tilly, and being so excited about it!

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