Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sweet baking

Aren't these just the sweetest things around? I think that they would make the best gift for someone.
Can be purchased here. Oh to live in America, if only for the cheap homewares and scrapping goodies!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a weekend

This has been a really fun weekend!

First of all, I was very excited to have my reports written nice and early this time, finishing the writing on Thursday afternoon. They’ve all been proof read, corrected, and now they’re being read by the principal. To top it all off, I was first to hand them in- that’s never happened before!!!

After a bit of a sleep in I had a shower and then went back to bed (it was so warm and cosy) to begin reading a new book. My mum-in-law gave me 2 books for Christmas last year. One I read over the Summer holidays and the other is now about halfway done. It is called Mama Jude: An Australian Nurse's Extraordinary Other Life in Africa and you can read more about it here. What an amazing and inspirational woman. I love hearing stories about the way that God works in peoples lives and how He brings things together. So cool!

We went and looked at 2 houses after having a bit of a break but neither are ideal. The first was a bit blah and the second was stunning. A gorgeous, renovated and restored period style home- stunning and in any other location would be $1mil+, however it was directly across the road from the busiest train station and train line in Melbourne- doh. A train passed when we were looking through the master bedroom. Yep. Loud. Very loud. So sad. We’re in no rush and we are happy to wait. Hopefully the market will crash and we can get a bargain! ;)
It was dad’s birthday yesterday too so we had a chilled out dinner with the family. Lots of playing with a blow up ball with Coops, speedy crawling from Ty, too much roast dinner and then watching a movie called All about Steve. Interesting and quite funny!
Today I took myself off to Mathilda’s Market and I’m so glad that I did. Here are a few of my favourite stall holders. Just gorgeous and CRAZY busy. Well done Anne! Lovely to see her and the kids there too. :)
  • buttons by Lou Lou- fabric buttons and accessories. I bought the sweetest nesting doll bookmark that I'm already using and am thinking about getting my hands on some newsprint cufflinks too. More info here.
  • Pip&Co.- gorgeous animal and word shapes for your home. I have a deer sitting on my photo frame now and some cute brooches too! :)
  • Printspace- really fun kid and grown up friendly prints for home. One day I will have a swag of these.
  • Lark- gorgeous little shop from Daylesford. I'll be heading up there in the holidays for a day trip to take in some of her Cath Kidson and cute little goodies goodness. :) 
  • Lovestamp- when I'm a mum I'll get Tobes to buy me one of these! 
  • Love Paper Scissors- Been thinking about making something like this for myself before. Ali Edwards does something very similar
So inspiring to see these lovely things.

Off to church soon for a music practise then a big combined service.
Hope you’ve had a good weekend. What have you been up to?

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