Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ty's first birthday

Journaling reads: It was a family affair to celebrate Ty's very first birthday at their home~... He had a nap & then got up for cake & a play. I love that I got the top shots of Ty- so similar to ones from Cooper's first. 18 July 10 

Journaling reads: After Ty's dedication, the family come together at H Juniors for a lunch to celebrate the morning & also Ty's 1st birthday. This is my fave family photo! 23 Jul 10 

Friday, February 25, 2011


the gramps
Journaling reads: 26 June- 2 July 10  Our plans for a romantic getaway & photographic trip were not as we planned.  After feeling unwell when leaving Melbs, I felt worse after a (lovely) night in Buningyong and morning tea with Annabell, Nicholas and Auntie Chris. I developed a seriously painful sinus infection & other problems through being run down after a busy semester. :( Several chemist trips later, we persisted on with drug help & still managed to enjoy our time away with lots of sleep, good food (cooked by us & eaten out) and even some walking. The weather was very wet & it was freezing, which made being sick 'easier'. 

There's also lots of journaling and annotating around the photos on the both pages of the double layout. I really enjoyed putting this (quick) layout together. It was fun to include so many photos and capture many moments of the holiday. 

Some closer detail of page 1



I saw this photo and sentiment today on Kathy's blog. It fits where I am today, perfectly. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I really want today!

Hi everyone, what's happening?

I'm here at work at the moment killing time between leaving and getting to an appointment. I'm feeling pretty tired to be honest. Life just feels like it's running 100km/hr and that it's racing ahead of me.

I am looking forward to a break and some quiet. Tobes and I are planning a trip to Europe. I know that it will be busy and that there won't be much stopping or resting, but a change of scene is just what I feel I need. I'm looking forward to seeing new sights, tasting new things, documenting the everyday in a new place, snapping lots of photos and meeting Toby's family over there.  Work feels full on at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it's very busy!

I feel like what I really want is to be wrapped up in a warm quilt, plonked on a comfy couch in front of a fireplace with a pristine mountain or rugged coastal view and just sit. Just be. Just disconnect from all of the stuff that goes on around me and from the anxious feelings that knot in my tummy and from the voices that say that I'm not good enough and just sit in the quiet. Throw in a bottle of wine and Toby giving me massages, bringing me flowers, cooking me dinners and writing me love letters and it may just be perfect.

What are my chances of this happening do you think?  A girl can dream!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Christmas 2010

Journaling reads: I've always loved Christmas Time- the story, gatherings with family & friends, cards, rounding up another year & the decoration.s 
There's something magical, even as an adult, about twinkling fairy lights on the tree the night before Christmas- when all is quiet & all the preparations are done & there is anticipation for what the next day will bring.
Christmas Eve Night. 24 Dec 2010 

 Christmas Day 2010 Family
This page was one of the first times that I tried lots of layering of my embelishments on the page. I'm loving that now and incorporating it into most of my pages. Love the Ali Edwards stamps (thanks for sharing them with me Rach!).

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A visit to the aquarium

Under the sea
Journaling reads: 23 Dec 10  Cooper slept the night at our house & then we met Tim, Rach & Ty at Maling Road to go to the Melbourne Aquarium. My favourite thing to see was the King Penguin, the coral attol & it was wonderful to spend the morning with the Jnrs.

A lovely lunch

A lovely lunch
Journaling reads: 2 April 10 Over the Easter Break we went to Shoreham and a highlight was having lunch with the Lorkins. It was beautiful to sit on the verandah loving over their garden. I've always loved spending time with Ann & John- they're like an aunt & uncle to me & have known me my whole life.

and some details...

This page was inspired by the following an Ali Edwards layout, seen on her blog.

Visit to Heide

Visit to Heide
Journaling reads: 22 September 2010. Heide Museum of Modern Art Gardens. 
Carolyn & I visited here on a whim & felt quiet & mature wandering through these gardens!

I've found that lately I'm adding into my journaling the date that I blogged about the event or time (if I did). I like that it makes my scrapbooks more interactive and also that more detail is available there to compliment my page journaling.

Turning 30 layouts

Journaling reads: For my birthday I decided to have a small picnic- but it bucketed- so we had it indoors, with Red Velvet Cake! 19 Dec 10

The best things in life aren't things
Journaling reads: 19 Dec 10 After our family dinner we lit the candles on the fruit cake mum made & sang 'happy birthday' to Rach & I. It was hilarious... & we caught it all on the webcam except mum :(
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