Saturday, April 28, 2012

project gratitude: 0428

April 28- Today I am grateful that Tilly had a good afternoon sleep and that I could get out of the house without her. I bought up big at the green grocers. I can't wait to make lots of yummy juices with the juicer we've been leant. :) Today was apple and celery.
I'm grateful to God for answering my prayers last night and helping Tilly to sleep when moved out of my arms and for the compounding pharmacy who's colic/reflux compound seems to be helping.
Also grateful for a nice morning coffee with Toby's mum today with Tilly.
And that Toby's on the mend.
And for a happy birthday and housewarming gathering for Wally.
And for community... Bumping into 2 families from our little street at the shops today. :)
Lots clearly!!!


Time: 6:36am
Location: bed
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
Watching: the iPhone screen :) google reader and email
Listening: to Tilly's breathing and Toby's coughing
Loving: the smiles I get from Tilly throughout the day.
Enjoying: that the weekend is here.
Wanting: a Tilly's sleep time to be before 1130pm
Needing: her reflux to be under control
Preparing: meals and jobs when I can!
Thinking: about changes in my life and about what my career could look ljke in the future
Making: dirty clothes clean and a little girl and sick hubby as comfortable as I can.

Friday, April 27, 2012


She's awake post massive chuck. Have I mentioned her reflux is back? Off to the compounding pharmacy tomorrow on recommendation of the nurse to get a reflux/colic compound in the hopes it will make her more comfortable and bring more sleep her way.

project gratitude: 0427

April 27- Today I am grateful for lots of things...
• for glasses that let me see in focus!
• for our free pixie photo
• for Tilly's afternoon sleep that allowed me to cook dinner
• for lunch with Mary
• for a peaceful Tilly bath tonight (quietest since newborn)
• for a smooth transition to her basinette tonight
• for a warm bed

Poor Tobes now has a heavy cold too so he is in quarantine in the spare room. So strange him being in the house but not in our bed. And of course, Tilly would choose tonight to start sleeping earlier wouldn't she. ;) Here's hoping she keeps sleeping!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

project gratitude: 0426

April 26- Today I am grateful for cute, snuggly tops that keep snotty, coldly bubbas warm and for bedtime stories.

A special visit

At the end of the school holidays, Tilly and I had a special visit from an ex-student of mine, her mum and little sister. Poor Chloe was sick when we went to school to visit so her mum Kim and I arranged a morning where they could visit and meet Matilda.

I was quite excited I have to say. There is something very special about working with children for a year and then watching them grow over the years and catching up on their news either walking around on yard duty or now, by emails and letters.   I can't say that I miss going to work each day, but I do miss these relationships with the kids.

I know that we'll still get to see these guys at least once a year when they come to the community Carols by Candlelight that I usually sing at. I'm glad for that!  Thank you Kim for the chat and for bringing the girls over. And thank you Chloe and Lilly for Tilly's toys. Those staring eyes on the toy get her attention!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

project gratitude: 0425

April 25- Today I am grateful for the many men and women who have served for Australia in battle and peace times. I am also grateful for friends to share an ANZAC day BBQ with.

And it was amazing today to see Tilly in the red jumper that she wore when she was just born and for her first 5 days or so, when she couldn't get herself to maintain an warm enough temperate. She's certainly grown!

in the car on the way to the BBQ
Tilly in hospital wearing the jumper
big and little

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

project gratitude: 0424

April 24- Today I am grateful for the night before a public holiday feeling and fresh flowers.

Matilda @ 3 months

This is a couple of weeks late but you know, life happens when you have a little one!

At 3 months Matilda...
  • weighs 6700g / 14lb 14oz (75th percentile)
  • is 60cm long (50th percentile)
  • has a head circumference of 40.5cm (75th percentile)
  • still wears some newborn/0000 clothes but mainly gets around in 000 and 0-3 month clothes. They're not small anymore!
  • wears crawler nappies (!!!)
  • plays with her ears while feeding
  • watches her reflection- mirrors are her favourite. The iphone camera in front mode is also a favourite!
  • thinks that poking out her tongue is fun!
  • consistently raises her head 45 degrees in tummy time.
  • wakes happily.
  • is getting into a routine.
  • sleeps in her cot during the day from awake.
  • has had her first visit to emergency and GP the next day for being sick, with a cold virus (the maternal hotline directed us to the hospital).
  • still hates the bath but doesn't mind a shower with mum or dad.
  • sometimes wears headbands.
  • listens and watches when being read a book.
  • sometimes cries in her sleep and has become more aware of her emotions- she has a short, louder cry if she is annoyed and wants to let us know it (e.g. if she thinks we take too long to get to her when she wakes, if she's hungry and I'm putting her in a position to feed... she'd rather complain than get started!). 
  • likes sitting looking over someone's shoulder.
  • loves lying on her tummy over our arms (super Tilly!).
  • has taken to crying loudly when hungry and not attaching, unless I stand up!
  • has a slightly yellow tip of her nose at times.
  • loves her flat pink Bebe ted.
  • Week 10 and 11 were very significant for Tilly. She discovered her hands and learned to grab things and pull them into her mouth to suck. She also learned to hold her hands together in front of her- they are amazing to look at! It was in these weeks that she started to raise her head smoothly and keep it up during tummy time. She gave her first real belly laugh and we loved it! 

Here she is... filling the basket more at 3 months old!

Here she is month by month...

project gratitude: 0423

April 23- Today I am grateful that my nephew Cooper celebrates turning 8, that Matilda slept in her cut for some of her sleeps today and that Tobes and I shared some time together tonight.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

project gratitude: 0422

April 22- Today I am grateful for a relaxing weekend at Toby's mums beach house and some extra hands to help with Tilly.

An Angry Birds birthday party for Coops was great fun too.
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