Saturday, March 24, 2012

project gratitude: 0324

March 24: Today I am grateful for my friend Rachel who visited today. We pretended to scrapbook, chatted and she helped hang out the washing when Tilly needed hugging and feeding. She even brought us pressies!

This morning was also blissful. Snuggles in bed with a sleeping Matilda and Tobes. She is so sweet and peaceful when she's asleep!

And she grasped a link for the first time today. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

project gratitude: 0323

March 23: Today I am so grateful for my school community. I can't tell you how lovely it was to take Tilly to school today and have so many kids and parents excited to visit and meet her. I was a very proud mum. I feel very cared for by these parents and kids who were genuinely happy to see me. I know you'll read this Trudi, so thank you! And thanks to any others who may lurk here too... Reveal yourselves! ;)

Also grateful that I got to enjoy lunch today with 3 other mums from mum's group. So glad for a great group to journey with.

And that Rach, Ty, Tilly and I got to hang out this morning.

A ridiculously busy day but well worth it... even with the overtired girl I had to calm down at the end.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

project gratitude: 0321

March 21: today I am grateful for the man who repaired our hot water service for the quoted price even though it took him double the expected time and an expensive part. Legend!

project gratitude: 0322

March 23: Today I am grateful for cuddles with Tilly. I can't explain how awesome it is to know that she here and she is mine. She is thriving and it's all off of my body - amazing!

I'm also grateful for the gift of old friendships. Bec and I have known each other since we were 8 years old and she had her daughter on my birthday last year, just a month before Matilda was born. It is so special sharing this life stage together and having 2 girls to travel with us too.

Taking it all in

Tilly woke after an hour in her midday sleep today, upset. She had a little feed and then fell asleep on me. Usually I'd put her back to bed, but today I want to snuggle with her. She's growing so fast and if I blink my eyes, I know that she'll soon be too big for this. Not floppy and snuggly. Too easy to wake. But for now she's just the right size. Her little body curves and flops neatly on my chest with my arm cradling her legs. Her sweet snuffles and noises make me smile. She is divine.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


She's back in with us after waking at 11:30 for a feed. Phew... She's still a baby. ;)

project gratitude: 0320

March 20: Today I am grateful for a healthy little girl. After a visit to emergency last night (on insistence of maternal health nurse hotline) and to the GP this morning, we know she is healthy, excepting a red, sore throat. :(
In fact, she seems to have put herself to bed tonight in her cot. She's settling herself in there right now, sucking her hands. Will this be the first night she's in her own room?! I'm not sure daddy and mummy are ready for this!

project gratitude: 0319

March 19: Today I am grateful for happy news that a friend is 'expecting'.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

project gratitude: 0318

March 18: Today I am grateful for cute outfits and friends.

Toby, Tilly and I walked to the cafe where we often meet for mother's group this morning. We all slept in so missed church. Instead, we ate brekky at home then walked to the cafe for a coffee and iced chocolate. The owner noticed Tilly in her 'Sunday best'! It was quieter there today than on a Wednesday. She looked so cute in her outfit that was completely inspired by her headband! :)

It's been another social day with a visit from Ella and Anth then dinner at mum and dad's. The boys had more cuddles.

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