Thursday, October 6, 2011

I gotta feeling

Another favourite...

Everyday I'm shuffling

The kids in my grade LOVE this song. I can't tell you how sick I am of hearing them (and 6 and 7 years old!) repeating the line "everyday I'm shuffling"... or modifying the words... suffering... starving...
It is certainly going to be a memory that I will carry with me when I leave the classroom in late November to start my new job as a mum.

A friend posted this on facebook today. I smiled big and laughed out loud. There's something about mob choreographed dances that I love.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A full day... I got up at the same time as Tobes as he had to go to work. I quickly hit the washing machine with 2 loads. The sunny weather dried them off in no time.

I also visited the guest/spare room and cleaned up the present wrapping supplies, making cute little labels for the drawers.

But that was all a little too much too quickly and my heart started to race so it was time to sit still for quite a while and take it easy.

A lady from church dropped in and asked if I wanted to make some cards with her so I made these 6 cute little owl cards. :) Love them!

To the shops for some grocery shopping then home to fill the fridge, cook dinner (and make some mess!) while cooking Donna Hay's salted caramel and vanilla cheesecake. Yum!  

Watching some telle now waiting for the cheesecake to cool enough to put it in the fridge so I can join Tobes in bed and go to sleep.

How was your day?

New jeans!

26wks 5days
Here I am last night... 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant, and getting bigger!

I had a very exciting time last Tuesday (before I was hit by a killer cold that knocked me out for the rest of the week). I went to a big shopping centre and I tried on the last maternity jeans that I knew of.

Prior to Tuesday I had experienced no luck in the jeans department...

  • Target
  • Big W
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • KMart
  • Best & Less
  • Mother Care

So I set off to try Ripe and Jeans West.

I've never been a skinny jeans wearer, but who knew that they would be the ones that worked best. Not just best from a bad bunch. They actually looked good! The Ripe ones were great, but at $129 a pop I thought that was a bit much, especially considering I would not usually pay that much for jeans.
I set off for Jeans West resigned to the fact that I would probably need to buy the Ripe ones, and I was ok with that. I have discovered how much I wear and love my jeans!

BUT... when I got to Jeans West I was sold! The assistant was also pregnant and wearing the jeans and I got to see how they wear when they are worn in. Their skinny jeans were also the best fit, super comfy with a nice high elastic waistband that goes all the way up over the bump. :) And the best part, they were $109... for 2 pairs! I walked away with a dark blue pair (pictured above) and a black pair which are a bit thicker. Bargain!

I LOVE my jeans! And nope, I am getting nothing from Jeans West for raving about them... they really do fit best!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scrapping: Venice & London

HAPPINESS hand in hand
Journaling reads: hand in hand as we explore & discover Venice 21 Apr 2011
I really like this page. :) 

Hyde Park
Journaling reads: 6 May 11

Tobes and I were sitting in Hyde Park, London, enjoying a picnic for lunch when we spotted this little squirrel. A lady was reading nearby with a bag of almonds and offered me some to feed him. I was surprised to say the least when he scrambled up my leg and munched away!
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