Saturday, November 10, 2012

Matilda @ 10 months

My goodness! My baby girl is getting older. Saying she is 10months sounds so much older and closer to a year than 9 months. Eek! I feel like Tilly has really changed a lot this month. Here's some information about it!

At 10 months Matilda...

  • was not measured.
  • you guessed it... yep... still in crawlers!
  • is wearing mainly size 0 and a few size 1 clothes.
  • has continued to add to her growing list of firsts
    • crawled up the stairs (15/10/12)
    • crawling 'properly' (18/10/12) and all the time from the following week
    • plane ride (28/10/12)
    • swim in pool, play in sand at the beach, paddle in the wave break, taste of ice cream (29/10/12)
    • cruising along furniture 
  • is still called Tilly Bear but increasingly also Tills, Bear, Blossom and Bloss.
  • LOVES her friend Leah! Leah's mum (Sarah) and I studied together 10 years ago in North Queensland at a bible college and have been friends ever since. Leah was born just 6 weeks after Tilly and it's so special to watch them grow up together, via daily Facetime calls. When we visited Sarah, Shane and Leah last week in Cairns, the girls seemed to recognise each other and happily played together for the week. They would 'speak' to each other, follow each other around the room, share toys and copy each others actions. Too cute! 
  • enjoys our daily walk to see the ducks and ducklings and to sometimes meet daddy when he comes home from work.
  • loves bath time. She still likes to suck on a flannel but lately has been wanting to drink the bath water and play with her rubber ducks and stacking cups in the bath. 
  • loves to brush her teeth. This happens every bath time but also when we takes herself to the bathroom, stands by the bath, finds her toothbrush and gets chewing on the bristles!
  • took to water in the pool like a champ too. She loved the splashing and being thrown around by us.
  • is starting to copy sounds and actions. eg. what does a rooster say is answered with a subtle ar-ar-ess! and when you ask what does a fish say she bops her mouth open and closed. 
  • seems to be happier.
  • has dropped to 2 sleeps per day, usually around 70mins each (sometimes with a resettle in the middle).
  • points to items around the place.
  • loves getting close to us. Lately it's been all about faces. She will grab a nose and still loves to place her forehead on ours and wriggle her head so it looks like you have one large eye. This always makes her laugh.
  • Gives great, tight cuddles with her arm around your neck!
  • says "ta" and "uh-oh".
  • is more likely to swallow food which is mainly beef other than pureed pears and rice cereal. She is still a champion chewer and spitter. 
  • was babysat at night for the first time by ma and pa when Tobes and I ducked out quickly to a 30th party.
  • has, since our holiday, seemed to come out of her shell and to become more of an extrovert. Her little personality is developing and it's like she knows that she's funny!
  • dances along with us when we sing or dance. She bops on the spot and raises her hands in the air to the music beat. 
  • is getting brave and letting go of things when she is standing. She leans on chairs and stands hands free but is practicing standing alone for a second at a time.
  • has lots more hair. 
And here she is!

project gratitude: 1110

November 10- Today is a rather cool date I think... 10/11/12... anyhoo...
Today I am grateful for the braun and determination of Dad and Tobes who tackled our back garden today, pulling out trees and their (HUGE) stumps! We are getting closer to the blank canvas that we need to tackle our drainage problem and get started on having a functional and pretty backyard.  I also got my hands dirty, cleaning up after the men, doing a little pruning and sawing myself and putting some zucchini, rocket and coriander into the veggie patch.

Today I am also grateful that we got to celebrate the October and November birthdays for the bubs in our mother's group with a party in the park. What a great group we are! :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

project gratitude: 1109

November 9- Today I am grateful for wonderful visits with Haley & Jack and Lois and a quick stop to mums. It's so fun to watch Tilly with people she loves.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Being a mum

To be a mum is something that I've wanted for all of my life.

The joy I felt when I first discovered I was pregnant, when I first felt her move, when I first saw her on the ultrasound screen and when I first held her in my arms is comparable to nothing else in my life.

She is hard work! I have never been more tired in my life. My lower back is certainly not the same as it was before her! Being her mum requires me to be absolutely selfless at times and put her first. I had my first time alone (that wasn't to the supermarket or dentist!) last week when we were on holidays- sitting by the pool and reading and resting for just over an hour was absolute bliss. That would have been enjoyable before she arrived but not the dream that it felt like the other day.

Things feel like they're starting to turn now. That we are getting used to her disrupted sleep at night and that she is sleeping for longer stretches in the daytime. She is more interactive and funny (she knows it too!).

In many ways, this year has been one of the most challenging of my life. Much harder than my previous full time work. But she has taught me to slow down. To not sweat the small stuff. That days are long but months and years are short. What an incredible difference to one person I can be.

She is the best job in the world and I wouldn't change her for anything.

photos taken by Toby at home
on 19 February 2012 (6wks)

This spot

Remembering back many months ago...

This spot is perfect for kisses.
She turns her head, leaving it vulnerable to attack from mummy's smooches!

project gratitude: 1108

November 8- Today I am grateful for a happy baby. Tilly has really come out of her shell recently and she cracks me up many times each day!

project gratitude: 1107

November 7- Today I am grateful to be home safe and well.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

project gratitude: 1106

November 6- Today I am grateful for a great talk with Sarah and Shane.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Cheeky monkey

This little girl has been on an adventure for a little over a week. She is coming out of her shell and making new friends. She is being so adaptable and flexible when we stretch out her awake times to fit in with our activities. She is cracking us up with her funny antics and this silly face. She grabs our faces, rubs or pinches our noses or places us forehead to forehead and laughs. She is a cheeky monkey!

project gratitude: 1105

November 5- Today I am grateful for the fun I had with this white-lipped tree frog last night!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

project gratitude: 1104

November 4- Today I am grateful for rainforest walks and watching Tilly love her daddy.
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