Saturday, September 18, 2010

Peace at last

We have escaped from Melbourne for some very short but much needed R&R. Though the reality that I am now on school holidays hasn't really set in yet, I am enjoying having some quiet time out of the open-for-inspection house, breathing some fresh air and catching up on some magazines. A novel may come out soon too. Tomorrow may involve a cup of coffee and a walk on the beach, assuming the rain holds off. It was so lovely hearing the rain on the roof last night and this morning.
What is on for your weekend?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just breathe...


I apologise now for the present and upcoming silence on the blog front. We're continuing to prepare our home for sale and things have been a *bit* hectic. Both Tobes and I have tight work schedules at the moment and haven't spent any 'us' time together doing non-house stuff for nearly a month. On top of that I've had the flu. 
Rant and grumbles over.
We have some happy times ahead- health is improving, holidays are coming (for me) and open-for-inspection #1 will be complete on Thursday. We are close to celebrating our 1st anniversary and there is lots to be grateful for. I have some ideas and things to share coming soon... just bare with me! 
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