Saturday, July 7, 2012

project gratitude: 0707

July 7- Today I am grateful for improvements for Tilly. Though she continues to vomit most of her feeds, she's been smiley today.

Friday, July 6, 2012

project gratitude: 0706

July 6: Today I am grateful for a 6 month old baby, hand me down clothes, Kelly across the road, doctors and a happier Tilly despite a fever. And understanding friends who come for tea and have me tend to tilly for most of tonight.

project gratitude: 0705

July 5- today I am grateful for home days and an afternoon nap (for me!!!). :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

project gratitude: 0704

July 4- Today I am grateful for mother's group. We have an amazing group of mums and bubs and I'm very lucky that we all get along do well and continue to meet weekly.
Also grateful for Pinky MacKay and her approach to parenting. She Instills confidence in you and your ability to parent by heart, trusting your instincts. We went to hear her speak today and it was good to meet some other lovely mums too.

My first Mother's Day

breakfast in bed... for two!

chrysanthemum's for the ladies at church 

Lunch with my side at home... first a photo with pa in my pretty dress

then with 3 generations of ladies

and mandatory photos of our little family
before recreating the family photo of my first Mother's Day

and then enjoying dinner that I cooked for Toby, his mum and I

A full and special day together, celebrating our mums. We've got great ones! xo

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

project gratitude: 0703

July 3- Today I am grateful for a lovely day spent with Tilly's gran and grandma. It was so good to get to spend some time together with our mums. I love watching Tilly interact with them, especially in the morning when she is cheery!

Matilda @ 5 months

At 5 months Matilda...

measurements taken 1/6/12 (5 days early!)

  • weighs 8150g / 17lb 15oz (90th percentile)
  • is 65.3cm long (75th percentile)... she's had a growth spurt!
  • has a head circumference of 42.6cm (75th percentile)

  • still wears some 000/0-3month closes on top, everything else is 00
  • is still in crawler nappies
  • giggles when she is tickled
  • likes singing. Her favourites are 'the grand old duke of York' and 'incy wincy'
  • slept for 10 hours in a row overnight... once! (7/5/12) then slept for another 1.5hrs!
  • learned that peek-a-boo is a really fun game to play. Lots of laughing!
  • started to play with mum's face, holding it in her hands
  • loves her Lamaze giraffe best of all. She sucks his horns and ears like a dummy- which is good because she isn't keen on one of those!
  • enjoys tummy time each morning when mummy has her shower.
  • started eating solids! It all started when she grabbed an apple from my hand that I was eating and sucked it. Baby-led in style- starting off on whole foods- broccoli, apple, etc   
  • drank EBM from a cup for the first time
  • battled with reflux and colic and would usually fall asleep around 11:30pm.
  • is always smiley in the mornings! Lucky considering she keeps us up!
  • kicks in the bath. Her bath is now a happy part of her nightly routine before bed.
  • watched an episode of 'In the Night Garden' and loved it. She also loves the Baby Karaoke app on the iphone.
  • lifts her head and shoulders when lying on her back. She sits momentarily without assistance.
  • started grabbing my feet to play (22/5/12)
  • had her first go in a jolly jumper. Immediately she was happy! She has always loved standing up so being able to do it independently was very exciting for her. She stands with very little support and beams when doing so. 
  • was dedicated at our church with family and friends attending. (27/5/12)
  • finally worked out how to roll over from her tummy to her back (31/5/12)
Here she is!

Monday, July 2, 2012

project gratitude: 0702

July 2- Today I am grateful for long talks with an old friend and for the chance to share in their happy news. Another playmate for Tilly in the new year!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

project gratitude: 0701

July 1- Today I am grateful for project gratitude! I've been going for 6 months today and I'm so glad. I have so many things to look back on over these 6 months and be grateful for. There's certainly a theme that's for sure!

Today I am also grateful for the little cuddles and snuggles that Tobes has given me today and porridge in bed this morning. I'm very blessed.
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