Friday, July 29, 2011


As a teacher, sometimes this is just the way that you feel... particularly this Friday! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sandy loves me again!

This is Sandy. I have had him for around 2.5 years now after I adopted him from a family who were moving overseas for work. He is a very popular cat. People who aren't "cat people" love him and change their minds on the whole cat thing. He is quite dog-like, in that he follows us around the house, miaows (loudly) talking to us and he is also very big! He is also the most gentle cat you have ever met. 

I have never trusted a cat unsupervised  with young kids, but Sandy Sumps is bomb proof. His old family had 2 young girls who would dress him up, drag him around the house and treat him like a doll. I think that this certainly helped to form his personality. If he gets annoyed he would never scratch. He slowly gets up, occasionally makes a little miaow noise (oh must you continue to do that to me?!) and walks away. If he is pursued, he simply jumps somewhere higher, and if continued he just gives in and submits. 

For this reason, I was very surprised when Sandy started giving me the cold shoulder last week. We're not talking a bit of a snub, this was the ice treatment. I was in the dog house, and I still don't know why! Maybe he sensed some hormonal change in me and didn't like it? But I was delighted on Friday, when I was at home sick with a migraine, that he chose that time to love me again.To snuggle up on my lap and purr and be his old, usual self. This weekend he's continued the theme, even taking a nap IN my bed this afternoon (cheeky!). These photos were snapped yesterday. Gorgeous boy!

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