Saturday, January 21, 2012

project gratitude: 0121

January 21: Today I am grateful

• for the chance to eat sweet treats like the cupcake below now that my gestational diabetes have passed.

• for teacher friends from school who visited today.

• that Tilly let me have a few naps today after our roughest night to date. She has been struggling a bit with wind so it was good to see her in less pain today.

getting some sleep after a long night

cupcakes from Nicole


Friday, January 20, 2012

project gratitude: 0120

January 20: Today I am grateful

• that Tilly slept the whole way home from the beach in the car.

• for laughter! It's hard not to laugh when little miss decides to poo when you're changing a nappy... And it travels over a metre to hit a door and the floor. This is a new developmental stage for Tilly where she feels the need to empty her bladder and bowel just as the dirty nappy is removed from the table. It's a gift!

• for 15minute naps that feel much longer

project gratitude: 0119

January 19: Today I am grateful that mum and dad have a house by the beach. We decided yesterday to head down to the beach for a few nights to have a relax and some time with mum and dad. We haven't done much. I've fed most of the time but it's good to be able to do it without worrying about cleaning the house or cooking meals. And mum and dad are beside themselves to share Tilly- offering to help and to cuddle!
We also took Matilda to the beach tonight in the baby Bjorn. I was very excited to take her down for a quick stop and she got to meet some of our friends too from when we used to camp there too.

Proper (non iPhone) photos to come in a later post.

Tilly having a cuddle with dad

one of my favourite onesies

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

project gratitude: 0118

January 18: Today I am grateful for

• my doctor who makes special appointments for us

• our first mothers group meeting- they seem nice!

• some quiet days ahead. I love visitors but I'm also feeling a bit tired and am looking forward to a few days of down time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

project gratitude: 0117

January 17: Today I am grateful
• for air conditioning!
• that my mum prepared tonight's dinner and vacuumed our house today.
• that Tilly is more settled today and back to 'normal'.
• for the advice and support of friends on Facebook- even those who I knew many years ago for only a short period of time.
• that our Christmas tree and decorations are packed away for another year (at last!).

And because she's so cute...

in my bed getting ready for a snooze
what are you looking at?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Project gratitude: 0116

January 16: Today I am grateful for

warm, sunny days that allow me to line dry my clothes

Snuggles with these two and the chance to take photos of my daughter... I can't believe that I am a mum! 

this face... even when she is unsettled, feeding every hour (growth spurt?), sleeping for short periods and vomiting all over me, mid-feed, just after a shower, twice in a short period of time. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

project gratitude: 0115

January 15: Today I am grateful 
  • that today is Sunday and that Toby didn't have to go to work. It was a longer than normal night and Tilly was unsettled with wind and maybe even feeling a bit cold. It was great to be able to sleep in when she did this morning.
  • for sun-shiny days that make it comfortable to sit outside.
  • that I vacuumed the back of the house today (less Sandy tumbleweed for the moment!).

  • that Diana, our student midwife, was able to visit for one last time. And for her involvement in following through the pregnancy with us. 
  • I am most grateful for this man. Today I have found myself a little overwhelmed with love for him, and for the love that he has for me. Such a blessing. I still can't believe that we went out, let alone that we got engaged, and married and now that we have a baby. I wonder if it will ever sink in?!

project gratitude: 0114

January 14: Today I am grateful for special friends who visited today, who love Matilda and have supported us through our pregnancy. I know that they'll be there in the years to come too. 

Also grateful for the lunch that Mat, AM, Jack and Steve brought. I LOVE hanging out with these guys!
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