Saturday, December 4, 2010

The sound of Summer

It has arrived. Summer has hit with warm, humid weather and all of the associated sounds.
Last night I heard cicadas chirping as I left for the staff Christmas party.
The mosquitoes were buzzing as we played lawn bowls into the night.
Tonight I hear the gentle hum of air conditioners in the surrounding homes.

This new house is great. I do loads of washing and hang them out on the veranda and they're dry in no time.
Today was a busy one. Tobes and I headed to the shopping centre at 9am (thinking that we'd beat the crowds- we didn't), but we were successful in grabbing the last tree (that we had chosen) from Big W. BARGAIN I tell you. It was $28 at full price (the others were upward from $78) and there is NOTHING wrong with it! The tree is taller than me, nice and bushy and covered in decorations that remind me of Christmas' past. It's covered with vintage and homemade goodies and clear fairy lights. I love it!
Again... more promises of photos to come.

We had our second last clean up of the old place this afternoon and will return for the final time tomorrow.  We spent a good hour chatting with our old neighbour too which was lovely. He was so helpful and supportive of me, especially back in my single days. Thank you God for Steve. :)

We're settling in well to our new home. Just need to get the computer up and running properly and I'll be back to normal blogging. But for now it's bed time and an attempt to sleep in this heat.  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm back!

Why hello everyone! Here I am on the other side of the move. It's been a pretty busy and exhausting week, but we've made it and this new house is beginning to feel like a home. It's a beautiful place and we really love it. It still amazes me how large it feels! It's a medium sized family home with one large living area at the back, but it's SO much bigger than what we're used to in our little unit! We are loving the differences like having a back area large enough to fit armchairs and couches and clothes airers and an ironing board... with lots of room to still move! :)  Brilliant! Photos of the moving process will come soon, but I wanted to share what I discovered upon returning home tonight.

Before today, the entire wall was covered with ivy! We've had the most amazing stormy downpours this week and tropical, humid weather. The strength of the rain and the weight of it brought down our ivy. Toby's already gotten rid of it. Now to decide what to replace it with! :)

Be back soon with the house update!
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