Saturday, August 11, 2012

project gratitude: 0811

August 11- Today I am grateful for a fun afternoon at the Healesville Sanctuary to celebrate the birthday of our special friend, Jules!

Matilda @ 7 months

At 7 months Matilda...
  • had measurements taken at sleep school on 15/8/12
    • weighs 9250g (93rd percentile)
    • is 70cm long (83rd percentile)
    • has a head circumference of 44.6cm (88th percentile)
  • gives kisses to mummy and daddy. She gazes intently at you with an open mouth then slowly goes in to your cheek. She has been known to grab my face to pull me in. Too cute!
  • 'Twinkles' her fingers for twinkle, twinkle little star
  • waves hello and goodbye- often with both arms and sometimes her legs! She sometimes babbles and 'says' hello using the right sound inflections.
  • Is a mover- this month she has mastered rolling and sitting
  • blows raspberries. There were a few weeks where she was blowing them constantly, including on the floor boards!
  • holds out her arm to be lifted.
  • would rather stand than sit
  • is getting more into solids but is still very much a breast fed girl (~3.5-4.5hrs/day). She sits at her chair to eat dinner with us- she shares our food. There have been times this month when she hasn't tolerated solids at all. Brown rice cereal is the favourite at the moment though she always has a go at what we are eating. She has been consistently keen on our risotto (I blitz it for a few seconds so it's a little smoother).
  • is given a bath each night by daddy.
  • has forgotten what sleep looks like. ;) Her sleeping is all over the place at night (often waking every 1.5hrs). We have been co-sleeping occasionally which works best for us all. 
  • Crawls! (1/8/12)
  • is CLINGY! Velcro baby!!! This really kicked in around week 29-30- textbook separation anxiety.
  • pulls the most ridiculous face when she is frustrated or angry. She really clenches her jaw and actually growls, causing her face to go red. Heaven help us!
  • wears sizes 00 and some 0.
  • Crawler nappies still...
  • is sedated by the Baby Karaoke App on the iphone. It is only used when we are in the car for a long time and she is ready for a sleep or feed but we are nearly at our destination. Row your boat is especially effective!
  • loves looking at faces and babies. I bought her a board book from the library with lots of photos of babies with animals. Best 20c I've spent. She crawls over to seek this book out, turns the pages and laughs to herself at them. I even spotted her giving one a kiss.
  • Got her 3rd tooth- top left front on 3/8/12
  • talks... a lot... must be from her father! ;)
  • had her first visit to the farm and pony ride
  • has a new pet kitten, 5 month old Basil. She loves to watch him play and to pat him. We always know where Baz is because Tilly's eyes follow him everywhere.
Here she is! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Little girls and horses

It has to start sometime! I've always been a lover of horses and I have a feeling that this little girl is following in her mum's footsteps here. When we visited the farm a few weeks ago I hoped that Tilly would be able to have a pony ride and that she would be interested...

Meeting Holly

Having her first sit in the saddle with Daddy's help. She was very keen on sucking the horn!

First ride- 6.5 months ;)

She was!

project gratitude: 0810

August 10- Today I am grateful for catch ups with so many lovely friends- Jen, Em, Carol, Rach and Graeme. Pretty thrilled too that the roast lamb dinner and lemon tart I cooked we're delicious!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

project gratitude: 0809

August 9- Today I am grateful for a long overdue catch up with one of the mum's group mums and for readily accessible candles during power outages.

Sleepy time

9:30am and it's sleep time. It's nice to have some quiet kitten and bubba time!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

project gratitude: 0808

August 0808- Today I'm getting in early! I am grateful for the second night in a row of 3-4.5hr sleeps!!!! Yay!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

project gratitude: 0807

August 7- Today I am grateful for minimal disruption post vaccinations.

Monday, August 6, 2012

project gratitude: 0806

August 6- Today I am grateful for a healthy and happy 7 month old. She might have us up often but she is smiley and doing all the right things. It's exciting to have her share our dinners at tea time now in her high chair, to splash in the bath and chat away to herself non stop (wonder who she got that from!).
Very fun to have several visitors today.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

project gratitude: 0805

August 5- Today I am grateful for morning snuggles with little Basil after a great night with him and Tilly. She spent the night in her bed and slept for 2 good chunks. The first time in weeks!


So yesterday we welcomed a new little man into our family. His name is Basil and he is 4-5 months old. We adopted him from the RSPCA and already he has made his way into our hearts. As I type this, he is snuggled into Toby's side on the couch as they have a Sunday nap together.

RSPCA mug shots
Since Sandy's passing, we've spoken about getting another cat. We've missed having a pet in the house and both of us would like for Tilly to grow up around animals. Of course we've had to be careful about bringing in a new animal with such a young child so we were in no rush.

It was sunny yesterday and we had a morning free so we decided to venture to the RSPCA, not expecting to find a new pet. We went just for a cuddle. I've had my eye on their website for a few months looking and 'Toby' (Basil's name before we renamed him!) didn't look appropriate from his 'bio', however on meeting (and falling for) him and later talking to an adoption officer (who said he would have suggested him for us) we decided to put him on hold until today. We were back in 3 hours to bring him home! Lucky though that we put the hold on because a number of groups inquired about him after we left and asked to put holds on top of our hold in case we chose not to adopt him. The officer said that he was a perfect fit for our family and that we were unlikely to pass him. He knew us well!

So here he is... and expect to see lots of this snuggly boy in the future!

Beauty by the Murray

Back in May when we were in Rutherglen for Nic and Ads' wedding we had these lovely photos taken alongside the Murray by our friend Ish. 
I love the reflections on the water and how our little family is captured on this cold day!
I think that Tilly looks so sweet in her cardigan knitted by MY grade 1 teacher!!!! And her lovely shoes given by one of her gran's friends.
Even at 4 months old she loved to stand! 

Easter time

Very late getting these up but better late than never!  I want to have these chronicled here but haven't always had the time to post them! 

We spent Easter at the beach with my mum and dad and enjoyed a very relaxed time. Tilly was spoiled with a new dress and a bunny rabbit. I packed all of her bunny toys (which for some reason feature highly in her collection) and so we had a little photo shoot with them all. Too cute!


After church on Easter Sunday Tobes and I managed to slip out for a little under an hour for a stroll to the cliff and to see the Jerusalem Donkeys. Quite appropriate!

And something that made me laugh... Tilly send an sms to her cousins. This was their reply. :)

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