Friday, September 9, 2011

Fill the blank: It's Friday!

Again I'm playing along with Lauren (and lots more of you too, I know!) to fill the blanks. I love how this really makes me feel like the weekend it on it's way! :)

1.   Somewhere someone is welcoming a new little one into their family and lives. :)

2. Blogs  is/are my muse.

3.  It would suck if  the slurpee  was no more because,  I would be left to find something else to crave in the warm (or cold) weather.

4.  Watching some kids in my grade feel the baby kick  is  my favorite thing about today.

5.  Life is kind of like a story, full of predictable and sometimes unexpected events. 

6.  If I could have anything I wanted I would want to have a healthy baby and for Tobes  and I to be really good parents.

7.  A funny thing happened the other day...  during the year 2 sleepover one of the boys that I taught last year said to me, "Your tummy is getting really fat!" then another child asked me "how did the baby sleep". Another anecdote coming up in the coming days!  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pregnant: 23 weeks 1 day

It's the start of the 24th week, which is exciting, because we're heading to that magical number. I know that bub's chances outside of the womb are amazingly OK if they were born in 6 days. Of course, that's not what we want or even something that we are aware of as a risk for us, but there's something reassuring about knowing that we're heading towards the home stretch, or one where survival is possible if bubs was born. Amazing!

My body is continuing to change this week and I certainly have a bump now. I feel like I now look more like a pregnant lady and not just a fat one! ;) Last night I started to go through lots of my clothes and I had to remove many. Even strapless tops and summer dresses that I thought for sure would still fit. Sadly, not over over my growing boobs and bump!

Even when I hug Tobes now my tummy gets in the way! What will it be like in another week or two I wonder?!

I also want to remember... that Baguette has spent the morning dancing in my belly...and on my bladder! It's becoming typical for me to speak to him/her in class or to mutter under my breath to 'quit it kid!'. ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

I took these photos on the 1st September. The first day of Spring here. The air is warm and you can smell the sweetness in the air. Lovely!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Father's Day Toby

Happy first(ish) Father's Day Tobes! 
I know that you are going to be the most amazing dad to our baby. 
You already love Baguette and I know that Bags is going to love you right back.
Hope that bubs gives you a BIG KICK to celebrate the day.

We love you.


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