Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A bit sad...

It's been a long week or so of waiting, waiting, waiting to see what will happen with Mia.
Very sadly, it appears that she may not be well cat for a long time. Her pathology tests are inconclusive, but certainly indicate that there is a problem in her lymph gland. We have been offered the suggestion from the RSPCA to surrender her and after much thought (and a few tears) that's what we've decided to do. :(

When we return from our trip, we will go back and find ourselves a new cat to love.


  1. May you always have happy thoughts of Mia...we remember our cat from many many years ago with fond memories. I smile just thinking of her and know in time, you shall too of Mia!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Fine. :) It just feels a bit sad because she didn't even get to come home to us. We have dear Sandy though. He got to snuggle with us in bed last night- spoiled!


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