Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nathan at 19 days

I took these photos for Mary last Saturday and I LOVE how they turned out. There is lots of room for improvement, but I see potential.

I am seriously getting excited about starting a photography business in time. We have always dreamed about me doing it when I'm at home with my little ones, but as I was editing these, I got so excited about it. I would love to do this for a job. Capturing the moments in the lives of others. We even have a cool name figured out! :)

Photographers out there... I'd love your feedback!


  1. Beautiful! You've captured Nathan and his family really well. Faves: mum & Nathan lying looking to the left, family, three kids (great expressions on the big sibling's faces), feet shot, and Nathan in the gorgeous blankets.

    The last one would benefit from the exposure being lightened on Nathan's face through Lightroom to even him up with the brightness of the bedding.

    Way to Go, Bec! :)

  2. Thanks so much J for your feedback. Knowing your beautiful shots, that means a lot! :) I'm really enjoying getting into shooting more and surprisingly, the post processing side of things too- I have a lot to learn still!


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