Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pregnant: Cravings

I can't say that I have been 'those' pregnant women who have craved weird foods throughout the pregnancy, so far! I've gone through phases of wanting to eat certain foods, some that I wouldn't usually want, but nothing odd.

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Early on, when I was feeling sick a lot of the time (and needed to eat non stop to stop the nausea) it was all about the hot chips. I think it started in Europe when it was a safe option at train stations for dinner (and they do hot chips pretty well too!). Then when we got back to Australia, if I was in a shopping centre and I had to eat, KFC chips hit the spot every time. I did only succumb a few times though.

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Toast with Vegemite was a staple in the night when I woke up starving and feeling sick.

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Next it was dairy. Milk, milk, ice-cream, yoghurt, milk. Yum! It was so comforting and yummy!

Lately though, and probably the most long lasting 'craving' has been kiwi fruit. I can't get enough of them. I buy them at every single shop and I usually have at least one a day. The strange side of this craving, is that I've never really cared for kiwis before bubba was on the way. 

I've been lucky though I guess that most of the things I've been wanting most are healthy and good for me. :)

Have any of you craved strange things when pregnant? 

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