Friday, June 22, 2012

In a dream world

In a dream world I would be spending this weekend in a beautiful cabin. There would be eucalypts hugging the sides of the home and spilling forward to frame the breathtaking mountain view in front. There would be a fire crackling in a corner, a snuggly couch positioned just so to take it all in and birdsong to wake me at the perfect hour. The rain would stop whenever we felt the need to leave the cabin and fall when we were in, playing music on the tin roof.
There would be fresh produce for breakfast, local cheese and snacks and a hearty dinner prepared. Coffee, pots of tea and hot chocolates with smatterings of chili and marshmallows would appear on command.
Tilly would be safe and well with family and I would feel not a pang of mother's guilt. There would be energy and time to enjoy alone time- reading, crafting- and time exploring as a couple too.
We would enjoy a bottle of our best red over dinner and happily go to bed (and get up) when we felt like it.

What is happening is a weekend at home- with Friday night being my first one leaving Tilly and dinner with our new neighbours tomorrow (both exciting). I'll be going to bed when Tilly is ready and rising when she cries. I enjoyed a cheeky champers over dinner tonight but that is all in the beverage area. It will be a productive, domestic, normal weekend. With cleaning and nappies and the like.

What hits me now though is this. It still is my dream world. My dreams really have come true. I have a husband who loves me, a healthy little girl, loving and caring parents and friends around us to spend time with.

I am blessed.

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