Thursday, June 14, 2012

Late night thoughts on breastfeeding

I am typing this one fingered on the iPhone while feeding a little on to sleep in an otherwise pitch room. :) please excuse any errors!

I love the way that Tilly reaches out and 'flaps' when she's feeding until she holds my hand. Then she calms down. Her breathing changes, slows, and she feeds with more focus. Such special times and an incredible blessing to be able to provide her ideal nutrition and unique comfort, emotionally and physically, through breastfeeding. It's been an incredibly bonding experience for us. On those days when colic, reflux and sleep deprivation have threatened to get too much for me, feeding time has always provided that quiet, calm and loving space to regroup and let the happy hormones return! I feel its been the same for Tilly.
I'm grateful that (sans typical feeding issues at the start) we have had a pretty stress free breastfeeding experience so far- I know not everyone is so lucky.
I don't know how long Tilly will breastfeed. I'm planning to take her to at least 12 months. However long, I want to cherish these moments now. They're more important than the glasses of wine I miss and the sleep I lack while getting her down! I don't want to wish away this season because I know that in no time it will be over and I'll be longing for those sleepy cuddles and wishing I could comfort her so easily again.


  1. You WILL miss these days, they are precious. You are so very much doing the right thing for Tilly, trust me. I have enjoyed reading your Gratitude entries, they make me smile!

  2. We're getting to the tail end of breast feeding now and I can tell you I loved those little moments of calm quiet cuddly respite. Enjoy that baby.


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