Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Matilda @ 6 months

This is VERY late!!!


At 6 months Matilda... 
  • had no measurements taken! 
  • interacts freely with her friends at Mother's Group
  • has been through ENORMOUS development in a small period of time...
  • rolls all over the place! First time back to front 21/6
  • sits independently! (first time 5/6)
  • slept overnight in her cot for the first time (15/6)
  • has two bottom front teeth! (right 18/6, left 22/6)
  • eats- although we had planned on primarily baby led weaning, we started on purees on the recommendation of our maternal health nurse in an attempt to ease her colic (which was ridiculous this month). She quickly took to brown rice cereal (which she loves). Other favourites are sweet potato with pear and cooked carrots in a stick that she feeds herself. She also tried some chicken. She doesn't take much in but she enjoys it.
  • was left at home for an evening with dad, grandma and grandpa when mum went out for a dinner with her work friends when her principal retired. It was a LONG night!
  • loves her daily time in the Jolly Jumper
  • thinks that bath time is fun time
  • does not enjoy having her sleeping bag put on (but is fine when it's on)
  • 'walks' when standing and holding both of her hands
  • is in crawler nappies
  • wears 00 clothes
Here she is! 

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