Monday, August 20, 2012

project gratitude: 0819

August 19- This post is late but the reason why will soon be obvious. Today I am grateful for dinners with our parents. It started out as a great night with Tilly's gran, pa and ma and then glimpses of the next few hours ahead started. The cold that she developed Thursday started to move into a chesty cough. When she woke an hour after falling asleep however, which is normal for her, her behavior was anything but normal. Toby yelled out for me to come in and I heard our little girly trying to take in air and coughing like a seal. Croup was my initial thought along with the fact that we had to get her seen by someone, quickly.
Today I am grateful for Bec to I called and who told me about an amazing service- I am so grateful for them! A doctor was here within an hour and she was given her first dose of steroid to reduce the inflammation in her airways. She responded well and in another hour or two she was asleep back in her cot.
It's never nice when your little ones are sick but we are so blessed to have access to such amazing services and medications when needed.

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