Friday, January 25, 2013

Itty Bitty Milly

We are now a two cat family after welcoming sweet Milly into our home on Tuesday this week. She comes from the RSPCA and is the sweetest little thing. Tilly loves Milly and has taken to sitting outside of the ensuite door (Milly's temporary safe place) saying her name and wanting her to come out and play. :) 

After Sandy died, we thought about getting two new cats, but when we visited the RSPCA (many times!) there didn't seem to be a good pair to come home with us, so young Basil it was. Solo. 
The thought of a second cat has remained though, so Tills and I trundled along to the shelter 4 times in 5 days to meet the cats that may suit Basil and us (good for a family, under 2 years, female). On the 3rd visit, the adoption officers suggested that a kitten may actually be a good fit for us, particularly as Basil is still a kitten himself (nearly 12 months). So mum came with us for the 4th visit and we got to meet the kittens who are isolated from the other cats and only allowed to interact with those who pass their 'interview' and are keen to adopt that day. There was a short haired black and white little girl who was sweet, but when I found Milly, cuddled up to another cat and looking beautiful with her longer coat and gorgeous markings I hoped she was a girl. She was (obviously!) and she had a gentle and relaxed personality, with adults and most importantly, Tilly and the other cats. She was ours! Amazingly, I'd seen her the day before through the wires and a lady was putting her on hold to collect the next day. I'd admired her and thought she was gentle and gorgeous... and gone... but she was the one that we ended up with! I didn't know this until the end of the adoption process when the officer said that she was glad we got her. The woman who had her on hold had just called to check if she was still available but obviously she was not. She looked much darker from the outside of the enclosure.

first cuddles with Milly in the kitten enclosure

Tilly deciding that Milly really was the one!
The photo we sent to Toby at work to seal the deal!

Bas and Milly have been enjoying supervised play times for the last few days and things are going pretty well so far with no aggression or hissing. Tilly is besotted and we are too.

First meeting as I carried in Milly... nose to nose and no complaints.

entering the ensuite
the first of many selfies
Toby meets Milly for the first time after work
She is such a sweetie! We can't wait to see her grow up with Basil and for the day when they can both run free together.

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