Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy home and hard rubbish

Beginners enthusiasm to post twice in a day, but we have to rave about the exciting find that happened tonight!

I've had quite a creative and domestic day, and made a particular point to stop and take in the beauty of things around me in our home. The strawberry and basil plant that seem to be thriving by braving the sun and hungry bugs and at the same time feeding my desire to have green fingers, lots of home grown goodies and chickens (next house maybe!).
Noticing the roses I cut from my garden and the way that their different pinks and yellows match perfectly together. The simplicity of silver (mainly empty) frames and our quilt hanging in the sun to dry. Remembering and thanking God for the hands that made it, especially for us, and taking in my dried wedding boquet next to the figurine that my brother and sister in law gave me for my birthday last year. I'd always wanted one! Loving anew the whimsical birds on my gorgeous green 'Esprit' wall and the wooden carved birds that hang on the same wall- a Christmas gift from my Prep class. Such a supportive bunch of mums. Remembering the monograms I made on the weekend for one special little girl named Eliza and her brand new baby sister, Maggie.

After all of that, I was feeling pretty grateful, but then, it happened!
I love hard rubbish time, and it's going through our area at the moment. I've been on the lookout for a typewriter for some years. In fact I did get one through freecycle years ago. It is stunning- the perfect green and beautifully vintage in appearance- but it never worked. :( Tonight however, just a few houses down, there it was. An electric (and very fancy) typewriter that is in *perfect* working condition. I can't wait to get it to work on my scrapbook pages without the hastle of cutting the paper to the printer size- who am I kidding? I never did that. Toby also had a score. We've been on the lookout for a toaster oven for his hobby of creating circuits and guitar/bass effects peddles so that he can bake the paint onto the casing. There it was. Right next to my typewriter. The perfect end to a lovely day.

Now many would not brave taking things off of the hard rubbish pile but I am a believer from way back. So is my best friend, who has been known to kick me out of the car and make me walk so that someone elses old bed-side tables could fit into her car! In fact both of our homes have their fair share of hard rubbish inside. It matches my philosophy of reusing and not wasting and saving money.

How about you?
What do you think of hard rubbish?
And do you have any good stories of your own?


  1. haha... well, my friend picked up a perfectly good futon a few years back and it became the couch/sofa bed for guests. made me walk a good 10 minutes with them to carry it because it was too big to fit in anyone's car...

  2. Yep- everyone must have or know someone who has grabbed a futon/couch/armchair. :)

  3. You are so cool Beck!
    I'm looking forward to hard waste in my neighbourhood next week enormously, but not as you would!
    I will be on the 'depositing' end and not 'retrieving' tho, and feeling pretty sensational about it as the pre-renovationg purging continues!

  4. Hey Jac- Don't worry, we dumped more than we salvaged!I hope that you manged to get rid of heaps of stuff. Renovating sounds very exciting! Oh and yes, we did get the NY message but in the rush to get the to the airport it was missed. Sorry. :(


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