Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why blog? 2009 in review

Welcome to 2010 and to the beginning of this, our blog!

2009 was quite a year for us and it prompted for me the reality of how quickly life passes us by and how easy it can be forget the details in the days.

My friends all know that I am a blog ‘lurker’. I currently subscribe to 85 blogs on google reader (wow... that many?!) and I’ve wondered why we didn’t add another to that number in my blog. I say my, but this will no doubt feature alot about my lovely hubby, Toby- he’ll pop in here for a write from time to time we think.
We chose the name ‘Just a little bit of you’ from a song by the Jackson5. Check it out
here. We love this song and considered it as our entry song for walking down the aisle at our wedding, but we instead chose this.

Anyhoo... speaking of 2009, the obvious high of course was getting engaged and then married. Our engagement was a really special time for us- of course we wished that time would fly so we could marry quicker- but we loved the extra commitment that came with being engaged, and were glad that we didn’t wait any longer than the 110 days we did (short engagement for most)! It was a freezing but fabulous day with a high of around 9 degrees Celsius, record rainfall, hail and the most amazing light- complete with a rainbow. Even the weather couldn’t dull our day though and it is undeniably one of the happiest days of our lives. Other highlights included a new nephew in little Ty and our honeymoon to the stunning Cook Islands. Here are some photos to proove the fun we had!

January - March

April - June

July - September

October - December

There were personal challenges too, but with the help of God and the support of family and friends, we got through them.
We look forward to 2010 and to all that it has in store for us. And we hope that you’ll stop by to read and comment along the way.

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  1. Nice one :) Glad you had a great year in 2009. I hope you find many blessings in 2010!


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