Sunday, February 21, 2010

Balance in the Busyness

I've been thinking lately about how the speed of our lives impacts those around us. We all seem to be busy and pushed by schedules- in the home and workplace and sometimes too in our churches and personal endeavors. We seem to be constantly pulled in multiple directions and time becomes a rare and precious gem, which we like to store for ourselves. Don't get me wrong, we absolutely need 'me' time and the truth of the matter is that we probably don't get enough of that either, but I wonder what the cost of over-scheduled lives is.
I wonder if you, like me, find yourself catching up with friends who you are so looking forward to seeing but barely taking in what is being shared, or in your trained multi-tasking ways find yourself thinking in the back of your minds about the next important decision to be made or problem to be solved or maybe just when you can have some rest for yourself. I know I struggle with this. How often now do we stop everything and give ourselves fully to someone else when they need us or just want us around? How often are out minds engaged on one thing at a time?
A dear friend is staying with us at the moment from Queensland and we've been talking about seasons in life. There is a time for everything. Do you also believe that there is a time for some friendships? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts... Thanks for letting me ramble!

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  1. I know what you mean. I sometimes feel that I have lost the art of making people feel special because I am always rushing around doing this or that. I have some very dear friends and family who deserve much better from me, so this post is a timely reminder that I need to love them much better in the future.

  2. All I can say is friendship requires time. Time requires a commitment to make space in our lives. Life is about relationships. I think God is about relationship. This is my year for relationships. I am making time for people. And in that I want real relationships with discussion and commitment to each other. Those friendships/relationships require time. I cannot be in relationship with EVERYONE I know (not unless I also quit work to make more time :)) But this year I choose to make time to develop real relationships with people who need those relationships. Thats my ministry this year! my thots

  3. Yes- it is certainly a choice to develop relationships. I really resonate with you Bos that you can't do that with every person you know, there's just not enough time in the day... Or the year! I've felt some guilt about this in the past (women are good at this!) but I'm realizing more and more that we need to make choices and accept life as it is. Tricky though!


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