Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things that go bump in the night

It is 1:40am as I write this. I am in bed on my phone and my heart is still pounding.
I was fast asleep when mum came to our door and asked me to get up and speak to dad in the tv room. I felt nervous because I didn't know what it was about, and i had been deep asleep. When I went into the tv room I saw it. There, like a statue clinging to the wall was a sugar glider. Strangely, I had told Toby just hours earlier as we were going to bed that once, many years ago, I was awoken to a sound in my window and arose to see 3 baby sugar gliders huddled on my window sill while spending sone time here at the beach house.
It was a gorgeous little thing and so tiny. After about 15mins of clever acrobatics, the glider found itself above the door and in my hands through a towel. We released it out of the back door. My heart rate increased when it began to look in my direction and jump up towards me thinking perhaps I was a tree! In boxer shorts and a singlet top, that is not a welcome outcome! It finally made it's way to the edge of the deck, then launched off, gliding towards a large tree some metres away. What an amazing thing to see!
I'm grateful that it's the weekend though and that I don't need to get up quickly tomorrow!

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