Friday, February 5, 2010

A funny classroom tale from room 11

We're one week in to the school year of 2010 and my class is settling in well. There are some quirky ones to keep an eye on, but for the moment we're in the honeymoon time and life is pretty sweet. As we were lining up this afternoon to play a quick game and to practise some listening skills, a boy, N, and I shared a moment.

Me: come on handsome... You ready to go?
N: I'm not handsome.
Me: Why not N?
N: I have stinky ea... Stinky... Sticky out ears!
Me: Nonsense! Who says that?
N: My sister.
Me: Well I don't think your sister knows what she's talking about! (wink)
N: Neither do I!

I love moments like that in the classroom. N and I shared a moment... And I really do think that he's not as nervous of his stinky-out ears anymore.

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