Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where Teaching and Parenting Unite

This year I decided to send my student's parents a weekly email update on a Friday. It's a way that they can be in the loop and several have mentioned that it helps them when talking school with their kids. I cover what's been happening in the classroom that week and what's coming up. Tonight I received this response from a parent. Names have been changed.

Subject: Week 1 Update

Hi everyone,

I hope that you’re feeling well after holidays and nearly a whole week back at school. As I have to run out early tomorrow, I’m sending this out now.

We have begun our inquiry into health.  We’ve been learning about different foods (not everything that says ‘strawberry’ IS strawberry, or healthy) and wants Vs. Needs. Next week we will continue our immersion, looking at safety in the playground and our own fitness and health.
As we have several children with severe allergies, we have also discussed that some foods are healthy for most, and very dangerous for others. The children came up with some ideas to help our friends with allergies and anaphylaxis, including not talking with our mouths full to reduce food spraying- lovely! :)

We are investigating Procedure writing in Literacy. Please keep an eye out for procedures and instructions at home that we can use in the classroom. Think Lego, Ikea, craft and recipe books, etc.

Addition is keeping us busy. The children loved today talking about my brothers basketball game where they scored 9 points. They had to find as many ways that the team could get the points that they could. This is something to talk to your children about.

Remember that our new news format will begin next week. Check the roster for the topic.
Upcoming notices will be distributed about the Premiers Reading Challenge and Parent Helpers.

Thanks all for your support. All the best for Term 2!

Beck :)  

Then came this reply...

Thanks Beck

XXX is loving being in your class – I think you are her new Role Model :)

Any chance you can teach my other two about not talking with their mouths full, sitting up straight, eating over their plate? – I’m sure I’m raising cave-men!!

Have a great weekend.


XXX's mum

 It's times like this that I love my job.

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