Friday, February 25, 2011


the gramps
Journaling reads: 26 June- 2 July 10  Our plans for a romantic getaway & photographic trip were not as we planned.  After feeling unwell when leaving Melbs, I felt worse after a (lovely) night in Buningyong and morning tea with Annabell, Nicholas and Auntie Chris. I developed a seriously painful sinus infection & other problems through being run down after a busy semester. :( Several chemist trips later, we persisted on with drug help & still managed to enjoy our time away with lots of sleep, good food (cooked by us & eaten out) and even some walking. The weather was very wet & it was freezing, which made being sick 'easier'. 

There's also lots of journaling and annotating around the photos on the both pages of the double layout. I really enjoyed putting this (quick) layout together. It was fun to include so many photos and capture many moments of the holiday. 

Some closer detail of page 1

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  1. oh i love this idea... i could just never get into scrapbooking. hmmm i need to become craftier :) thanks for the motivation!


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