Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines evening views


 Yes... that's me... in my particularly gorgeous pjs, on a picnic rug in my backyard. I feel pretty ordinary at the moment. Is it possible that I'm run down? School's just gone back! Toby is being a darling and cooking me an omelette for dinner. He's a pro at the scrambled and omelette eggs- I'm the pro at poached. I'm rambling! It's times like this that I sit back and kind of shake my head. Sure, I don't feel entirely well in my body, but I have very little to complain about. This evening I have a husband inside, cooking me dinner who loves me. I have a beautiful backyard, full of dusk birdsong and a carpet of green grass. I have a God who patiently loves me and thinks I'm a beautiful creation. And this morning my best friend gave birth to a new little boy. I can't wait to see them tomorrow and soak in his newness! It is well... How goes it with you? 
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  1. Oh what beautiful weather you guys are having! Love all of these little moments you shared, those are the best. It's definitely the little things in life that make you really appreciate everything else. xoxo


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