Friday, August 12, 2011

Pregnant: Meet Baguette!

Here's our little one! We are so thrilled to meet them after a 20week wait. Baguette was VERY active throughout the scan and wouldn't stop moving around- poor sonographer! I couldn't believe that we were looking at our little baby and that everything is looking so well.

My placenta is a little low so we need to have another scan in 6 weeks to check that that's under control and lifting, otherwise it's a possible caesar, but that's a way off and we're trusting and praying that it won't be needed.

We did find out the gender and (as we would have been either way) we are very excited to know what we have to look forward to. Some family members would rather not know so it's not likely to be announced here. I may just use he/she/him/her interchangeably as I don't like to call bub an 'it'!

Just feeling so very excited and blessed that this is happening. Finally I feel that I can start to bond with them and really imagine life with this little one.

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