Sunday, August 7, 2011

Toot toot!

Coops and Uncle Tobes all ready to roll.

Love this photo of us all together.

Today was fun! After church we headed to Woolies to pick up some goodies for lunch. My brother and sister-in-law have been renovating their new house with the help of family and friends for the past two weekends. We helped with the move last week, but I'm being careful about the fumes in the house etc, so my jobs have included cleaning, catering and child minding. :)

A house full of people and equipment isn't the best place for the boys to spend their weekends, so friends and family have been sharing the load. We decided to relive more childhood memories and took Coops to the miniature railway for a ride. We weren't sure how he'd like it, but it was certainly a hit. He was delighted when we went for the 2nd loop around and wanted to know if he could have another go. Next time! :)

Thanks for coming with us Coops! We love you and spending time with you! xoxo

Rounding the bend. 

Coops taking it all in. He sat at the front of the carriage.

The happy auntie and uncle. :)

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