Monday, August 1, 2011

My family

It was a busy weekend filled with family and friends. The sun has actually been shining and the skies blue for more than 2 days and it does wonders for the spirits. I really don't think that I could live in the UK through winter... I would get SAD syndrome for sure.

We decided to trip to a park for some outside fun on Sunday afternoon when we were minding our youngest nephew. When he asked 'Toe' to get into the train-on-springs, this is what happened. Poor Uncle Tobes came out of it feeling a little sick and I'm sure memories of childhood! Mum, Ty and I just laughed.

Being at the park with this sweet boy really made it hit home afresh that in 4.5 months, there's going to be a little person in this family who is half me and half Tobes. There will be a child to chase in the playground that we will love and protect, just as we do our nephews, only this one will be all ours. Mental! But we can't wait!

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