Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've taken a slow day today. The last few days I've been feeling tired, emotionally pretty flat (those silly stinking hormones) and just not quite right physically. While sitting on the couch here taking some time out, I've been feeling lots of kicks. I got a shock when I looked down and noticed that my tummy was actually moving! Amazing how strong bub is getting now at 24 weeks and 2 days.

Tonight I'm off to the hospital for my first mum's stretching and exercise class. It's 4 weeks for a start and then we'll reassess and either continue or go week for week. I'm looking forward to trying it out. 

This morning in my quest to rest and feeling inspired from our small group last night, I took some time to journal and pray. It was so good. I REALLY need to do this more.

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