Sunday, September 18, 2011

We've been busy

So the last 2 weekends have been really busy for us on the home front. We have been making room for baby and preparing the nursery. That meant a complete room change. Our guest room has become the nursery, and the front study/scrapbooking room is transformed into the guest bedroom and study space. We are lucky to have such a big room. After concerns that it would be very cramped with a queen size bed and the existing desk in a new place, we were very pleasantly surprised. There is plenty of room to move around... just to get it tidy again! 

This is what our study/scrapbooking room looked like last Saturday morning.
And here is what it looked like after. There is now lots more mess on the bed and all around the floor from the new nursery and cupboards, but that is a job for the holidays (one week to go!).
So the other room getting lots of attention is the nursery. Here is the before, when it was a guest room (with baby stuff about already!)

After moving out the bed and moving in the tall boy, the room looks way more usable and ready to cute up for bubs!
The housework continued yesterday with a shed cleanup, washing of the front and back decks, desk clean up in the back study nook, 2 loads of washing and installation of shelves into the baby's wardrobe. It was an old school style wardrobe with just the hanging rack, but now, we have 2 sections of hanging and 3 of shelves. LOTS of storage to last until Baguette is old and grey... or ready to move out!
Proud Toby with his clean back deck. I'm also loving the
springy flowers in bloom- magnolia, lavender and camellias.
Wardrobe BEFORE- just hanging space
Wardrobe AFTER- with 3 sections of adjustable shelving

Next weekend will be very different- celebrating our 2nd anniversary. No housework for us then!

What have you done this weekend?

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