Monday, November 21, 2011

School... the final week

It is currently 6:15am but lucky me has been awake for hours already. I'm not completely sure why. I know that I was uncomfortable last night and that I feel stiff in my muscles. I suppose it could have something to do with the fact that I've got less than one week of teaching to go. That is crazy! 

Yesterday we had our normal weekly assembly. I was on the road to work when I realised that it would be my last one, and that flowers are typically given on someone's final assembly. As we wandered into the hall I noticed that 2 of my girls were up on the stage with this MASSIVE bunch of flowers. "Yep, this is happening," I thought.

When the time came I was asked to go onto the stage. Those two girls thanked me for all the good things I've taught them and wished me well with the baby, then handed over the flowers, as best they could, almost swaying under the weight of them! Then it was my turn to talk. I think that I did ok but I was certainly aware that my throat began to tighten throughout my short speech. I remember saying that I was lucky to have taught in a school like mine, that in my 8 years I would have taught over 170 children and worked with thousands more.  How much I am looking forward to being a mum but at the same time I will miss the children and staff of the school. How I look forward to visiting with my baby and maybe even teaching some of them here and there in a few years time.  My principal then spoke and thanked me for the work that I've put into the school over my years mentioning that the children I've taught will have many special memories of me, but that the rest of the school can too when they receive their school magazines next week that I have been largely responsible for.

I think that Friday is going to be a big day. 

Am I excited? Certainly.
Will I miss the kids? Most of them! ;)
Can I believe that this time next week I will be a 'homemaker' and not a teacher? Not at all!

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