Friday, January 20, 2012

project gratitude: 0119

January 19: Today I am grateful that mum and dad have a house by the beach. We decided yesterday to head down to the beach for a few nights to have a relax and some time with mum and dad. We haven't done much. I've fed most of the time but it's good to be able to do it without worrying about cleaning the house or cooking meals. And mum and dad are beside themselves to share Tilly- offering to help and to cuddle!
We also took Matilda to the beach tonight in the baby Bjorn. I was very excited to take her down for a quick stop and she got to meet some of our friends too from when we used to camp there too.

Proper (non iPhone) photos to come in a later post.

Tilly having a cuddle with dad

one of my favourite onesies

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