Friday, February 3, 2012

project gratitude: 0203

February 3: Today I am so, so grateful for a healthy and happy little girl. We went to the maternal child health nurse and had Tilly checked and measured for her 4 week check up. I knew that she had been growing, but just how much was quite amazing!

In 2 weeks she has gone from being in the 50th percentile in length and weight to the 85th percentile! I asked if this growth was too quick but the nurse had no concerns, saying that she is growing consistently and in proportion. Maybe she will be tall?!

One more thing... Tilly has been giggling! For the last week or so, every few days, she has been smiling big when coming off from a feed and quietly breathing out a chuckle. I can't wait to catch it on video! Today though she's done it several times and not always after feeding. Sometimes just when looking at someone. She also gave me the biggest smile today when I was holding her. Melt my heart!

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