Friday, February 17, 2012

project gratitude: 0217

February 17: Today I am grateful for meeting a new doctor.
For a well rested Tilly who was very well behaved for Toby during my first hair cut and colour in a LONG time.
For Toby who was willing to give me that time out.
That i could get to Mary-Liz's retirement tonight to wish her well and see all of my old workmates at school.

A very full day, but a good one.

Oh yes, lovely Bron at Maxabella is grateful too! I've linked up with her for the first time today. Would you like to too?


  1. Hello Beck! Aren't you all so lovely. You have the brightest smile.

    I'm very glad to see you over at the Grateful project. x

    1. You are lovely Bron! True story- I was at a wedding last year where the couple had a cartoonist drawing their guests. The man looked at me and suggested that I smile with my mouth closed because it would be impossible to draw me without making the mouth unflattering!!! :) He he! Just noticed I haven't linked back to you. Will do that right now! xo

  2. She cannot take her eyes off you. Enjoy this very special time.

  3. nice, sounds like a great day, time to yourself and time with friends. love it.


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