Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Matilda @ 2 months

She is two months old today! The days, weeks and months are flying by. I can't believe that she is this age already. And boy oh boy has she grown and changed this month...

At 2 months Matilda...
  • weighs 6170g / 13lbs 9oz (90th percentile)
  • is 57.25cm long (60th percentile)
  • has a head circumference of 39cm (75th percentile)
  • still wears newborn/0000 clothes (except for full onesies which she wears 000). She is starting to wear some 000 and 0-3 month clothes but they do look bigger on her.
  • wears infant nappies (one size up from newborn).
  • is usually called Tilly, Tilly Bear, Darling or Matilda.
  • copies sounds and facial expressions. She coos back, smiles (especially in the morning) and pokes out her tongue (cute now... maybe not so much when she's bigger!).
  • thinks that the change table is a fun place to be. She loves to look at the photos of Toby and I or at her reflection in the mirror during nappy changes... and is always smiling!
  • seems happiest when she get up in the morning (around 9am) and in the afternoon (around 5pm).  
  • has gone right off of the bath! :(
  • can get scared or cry if she hears a sudden sound.
  • unfortunately likes to fall asleep at the breast when feeding or on the shoulder (a side effect of having to be patted and upright for 30mins after feeding when she was very refluxy). 
  • is over the worst of her reflux.
  • waits longer between feeds during the day- around 2.5-3hours.
  • naps more regularly during the day. She is up for 1-1.5hours at a time and sleeps for between 30-90mins usually.
  • typically is fussy and refuses sleep after 8pm until she sleeps for the night (around 10:30-11:30pm).
  • sleeps through the night! Since her 7th week she usually sleeps for 5.5-7hours before waking for a quick feed and sleeping for another hour or two.
  • went to her first wedding and reception... and was much admired!
  • has gone from a regular 7 poos/day to 1 poo/week... much to the dismay of our noses! (smelly farts... ahem!) But when she goes, she makes up for it!  usually at mothers' group! :(
  • moves her arms and legs around a lot when on her tummy and back.   
  • had her first vaccinations. She screamed! :( For a baby that still isn't a crier, it was very hard to see it and to not be able to make it better.) She then slept from around 3-7:30pm when she woke screaming again just like she had when the needles went in. She was inconsolable and appeared to be in a lot of gut pain. She was given her first dose of Panadol and the maternal health hotline was very reassuring.
  • went on her second holiday- to Shoreham again before daddy went back to work.
  • falls asleep straight away when picked up by mum (if she's been allowed to grumble in her bassinette for a while).
  • tried the bottle for the second time and  drunk around 20ml of expressed milk from it (given by daddy)... but she is still not keen on the bottle.
  • sometimes accepts a dummy when going to bed at night (when she just wants to suck and mum has had enough!).
  • has BIG cheeks! They've just arrived out of nowhere and lots of people comment on them!
  • is loved to bits and makes mummy and daddy laugh every day.
  • is VERY used to being photographed and videoed on the iphone (images and videos are often emailed to dad at work or sent via sms to grandma and grandpa).
  • has 2 new little girlfriends to meet! Sarah and Shane's little Leah and Jenna and Jay's little Millie!

Here she is... filling the basket more at 2 months old!

Here she is month by month...


  1. its amazing how quik their change, those cheeks are cute as a button.Wait till she's on soilds!
    Hannah went off her bath very early on, so for a whole yr we showers with her, now she hops in either if u dont want her in there, but loves her baths again :)
    luv ya all
    nadja and family

  2. Oh Tilly. You are so beautiful and growing up so quickly. I love seeing all the pictures so keep them coming Beck! You are doing an amazing job as a Mum and seeing you so relaxed and in control will be an inspiration to many new Mums out there. Can't wait to see you soon Tilly for more cuddles xoxox


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