Sunday, March 4, 2012

project gratitude: 0303

March 3: Today I am grateful for lunches out. It was a very wet day so we decided to drive to Kangaroo Ground and have lunch at Weller's. Originally we planned to go for Sunday lunch, but we were glad we changed our mind when we got there as it was beautiful and quiet (and they actually have a big booking for tomorrow).
We drove past the church we were married at and where Toby went as a kid. They've just finished building thr hall that Toby's dad dreamed up many years ago. It looks great and makes much more sense than the previous one.

I'm also grateful that Mary came over last night. It had been too long between catch ups! We scrapped... Well she did and I mainly fed Miss Matilda who ended up staying awake until 1:20am... Not so grateful for that! ;)

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