Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Matilda @ 4 months

At 4 months Matilda...

measurements taken 26/4/12 (3 months 3 weeks) old
  • weighs 7545g / 16lb 10oz (90th percentile)
  • is 61.5cm long (50th percentile)
  • has a head circumference of 41.5cm (75th percentile)
  • wears 000/0-3month clothes and some 00
  • is still in crawler nappies.
  • thinks that hard kisses on her cheeks are funny.
  • still gets called Tilly Bear most of all but also Bubba and Boofa.
  • is very alert.
  • loves mummy and daddy very much and smiles biggest for us. 
  • looks for mummy when she is with someone else.
  • finds the TV and computer screens amazing to watch!
  • celebrated her first Easter with Grandma, Grandpa, mum and dad at the beach.
  • visited Inverloch for the first time with Granny, daddy and mummy.
  • earned the new nickname of 'Bubbles' from Granny because she was blowing bubbles all the time!
  • cried real tears for the first time :(  (8/4/12)
  • discovered her thumb is good for sucking (25/4/12)
  • enjoys the bath again! I couldn't believe it when she lay down with no crying and then repeated the same each time. Baths are once again a relaxing part of our night routine.
  • bears her full weight on her legs. She can stand with very little support and if you let her go can stay up for a few seconds. 
  • had her first cold... complete with coughs, sneezes and boogers!  :(  (26/4/12)
  • blurts and blows raspberries with her mouth.
  • smiles when we blurt her tummy!
  • may be working on teething... chomping on anything and everything.
  • has worked out how to scream! Screams are often a happy sound but can also indicate pain.
  • scoots or rotates on her tummy. She can be put down facing one way and when you look back she is 90 or 180 degrees in the other direction! 
  • has had a return of the reflux. This has lead to a very unsettled baby at times and lots of tears (some from me too!). There was a good fortnight where I couldn't lay her flat on her back during the day, meaning that I had to carry her ALL THE TIME. Very tiring, and difficult when you don't know what to do to help! A visit to our maternal health nurse where she suggested we contact Dartnell's to try their Colic/Reflux compound. AWESOME STUFF!!! Working on sleeping in the cot again during the day from awake. 
  • pushes her hands into the floor to help her push up off the ground.
  • getting close to rolling from back to tummy. She can get a bit frustrated when she's on her tummy too as she tries to flip over. 
  • reaches out for my hand when she is feeding.
  • is prone to pulling my hair. :(
  • went on her first holiday (other than family beach houses) to Rutherglen for Nic and Adam's wedding. It was a long car trip but for the most part she was a trooper! She even got to visit NSW!
  • is working on moving her bedtime to earlier than 11:30pm... we've been averaging 9-10pm and sleeping through until around 5-6am... not bad!
And here is my little princess at 4 months (and 3 days!).

And the comparisons...

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