Saturday, August 11, 2012

Matilda @ 7 months

At 7 months Matilda...
  • had measurements taken at sleep school on 15/8/12
    • weighs 9250g (93rd percentile)
    • is 70cm long (83rd percentile)
    • has a head circumference of 44.6cm (88th percentile)
  • gives kisses to mummy and daddy. She gazes intently at you with an open mouth then slowly goes in to your cheek. She has been known to grab my face to pull me in. Too cute!
  • 'Twinkles' her fingers for twinkle, twinkle little star
  • waves hello and goodbye- often with both arms and sometimes her legs! She sometimes babbles and 'says' hello using the right sound inflections.
  • Is a mover- this month she has mastered rolling and sitting
  • blows raspberries. There were a few weeks where she was blowing them constantly, including on the floor boards!
  • holds out her arm to be lifted.
  • would rather stand than sit
  • is getting more into solids but is still very much a breast fed girl (~3.5-4.5hrs/day). She sits at her chair to eat dinner with us- she shares our food. There have been times this month when she hasn't tolerated solids at all. Brown rice cereal is the favourite at the moment though she always has a go at what we are eating. She has been consistently keen on our risotto (I blitz it for a few seconds so it's a little smoother).
  • is given a bath each night by daddy.
  • has forgotten what sleep looks like. ;) Her sleeping is all over the place at night (often waking every 1.5hrs). We have been co-sleeping occasionally which works best for us all. 
  • Crawls! (1/8/12)
  • is CLINGY! Velcro baby!!! This really kicked in around week 29-30- textbook separation anxiety.
  • pulls the most ridiculous face when she is frustrated or angry. She really clenches her jaw and actually growls, causing her face to go red. Heaven help us!
  • wears sizes 00 and some 0.
  • Crawler nappies still...
  • is sedated by the Baby Karaoke App on the iphone. It is only used when we are in the car for a long time and she is ready for a sleep or feed but we are nearly at our destination. Row your boat is especially effective!
  • loves looking at faces and babies. I bought her a board book from the library with lots of photos of babies with animals. Best 20c I've spent. She crawls over to seek this book out, turns the pages and laughs to herself at them. I even spotted her giving one a kiss.
  • Got her 3rd tooth- top left front on 3/8/12
  • talks... a lot... must be from her father! ;)
  • had her first visit to the farm and pony ride
  • has a new pet kitten, 5 month old Basil. She loves to watch him play and to pat him. We always know where Baz is because Tilly's eyes follow him everywhere.
Here she is! 

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