Friday, August 31, 2012

New diary

I love stationery. In fact one of the highlights of my teaching year was that first day after summer holidays when you walk into your classroom and are met by 3 massive boxes, filled to the brim with 'stuff'. Post its, highlighters, pends, fat permanent textas, clean exercise books and fresh whiteboard markers. I love it!

I also love diaries. But not just any diary. A diary is a very personal thing. I'm partial to a student diary myself. It has just the right amount of space to write and they're a good size for the handbag. If it's spiral bound, all the better. Come October/November you can usually find me walking around the shops, hunting for the perfect diary. It can take some time! But not this year!

Today, to my amazement, I bought a 2013 diary! Completely by surprise, there it was in Big W for $2!

I have spent my night on the couch with my new diary, my 2012 one, a pack of highlighters and a pen, writing in all the holidays and birthdays and special events for the year ahead. I LOVE thus job and (ahem)I even feel a little sad when the job is done.

Am I the only one who gets excited about such things? ;)

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