Saturday, October 6, 2012

Matilda @ 9 months

At 9 months Matilda ...

  • was not measured.
  • wears crawler nappies... still!
  • fits into fewer 00 clothes and more size 0!
  • Has had more firsts and new things
    • starting sitting from lying down on 6/9/12 and mastered the art VERY quickly!
    •  top left incisor tooth #6 (7/9/12)
    • pulled up on mum when she was sitting on the floor to stand up (10/9/12)
    • standing up (when placed in that position) and beginning to cruise (11/9/12)
    • touched nose when told to (12/9/12)
    • first swing (22/9/12)
    • pulled herself up independently (24/9/12)
  • Is a nightmare to put into bed... there's too much sitting and crawling and standing to do for sleep!
  • claps her hands all the time. When she is happy. Or sad. Or tired. Or our favourite, when we do something that she likes!
  • loves watching us dance and be silly.
  • puts her hands up to match the hands on her 10 little fingers and 10 little toes book.
  • has been bumping her head too often as she pulls herself up and gets a bit clever- leaning and using one hand!
  • was eating some lumpier foods again, but has gone backwards. She still loves to play with food in her mouth but unless it's really smooth, she'll have a chew and then spit it back out again.
  • has enjoyed the benefits of pears and prunes lately... ahem.
  • is growing much thicker hair. It looks like there might be a wave in there.
  • enjoyed a few 5hr sleep stretches almost a month ago but is back to thinking that 2.5hrs at a time overnight and 38mins in the day is quite ok with her. Sadly, her parents don't always share her thoughts! There are 3 in the bed some nights and that works best for us when things are like that.
  • says more things- Ba (Bas), Bay (baby), ay, uh-oh and up.
  • understands more language- her name, "clap your hands", "where's Bas?"
  • is constantly found near Basil. She laughs when he is around, follows him around the house, chases his tail and stands at his scratching post talking to him.
  • still loves water, buttons and her books.
  • has discovered the TV remotes, phone and how to play with the CD player in her room!
  • takes walks to see the ducks and to get daddy from the station at the end of the day.
  • loves playing with Anj and Nate, our neighbours. 
  • has been out for nearly as long as she was in. AMAZING!
Here's our cheeky bear!

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