Monday, December 31, 2012

2012- a BIG collage!

These photos may be tiny but it's been an enormous year for us!

We have loved so much of it. Even the challenging parts we are able to look back at with a big smile.

The highlight of course being the birth of our daughter, Matilda on January 6. We are amazed at the love that we have for her, that (well) covers 11.5 months of sleep-deprivation! She is of course the most adorable
and highly intelligent baby the world has seen and she brings so much joy to our lives and those of her grandparents!

We have stayed quite close to home this year but have enjoyed some weekends away with family to the beach as well as some nights in Heathcote for a friend’s wedding in winter. In November Tilly had her first plane ride when we travelled to North Queensland for some family time and to meet our friends in Cairns.

We sadly lost our lovely Sandy cat earlier in the year to a sudden illness and some months later welcomed the rambunctious kitten, Basil to our fold. He and Tilly are partners in crime. Tilly follows Bas around the house and gives just as much as he does!

Toby continues to enjoy work and we are grateful for the work/life balance that he enjoys.
Beck will continue her family leave from primary teaching, but may do some casual relief teaching in the New Year.

In 2013 we look forward to sorting out our garden and growing more veggies there, to visiting Kangaroo Island with Beck’s parents, celebrating Tilly’s 1st birthday, watching her continue to grow (and hopefully learning to sleep more!) and to spending more time with family and friends.

Thank you for stopping by often or once in a while to read this blog. It's such a special place of remembering and recording for me and it's nice to have you as a part of it too.

May 2013 be a year of much peace and joy to you!

Love, Toby, Beck and Tilly xoxo

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