Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Matilda @ 11months

Last update before she is 1! I'm not sure that I am ready for that, but I can tell that she is. This month Tilly has continued to gain more independence and a sense of humour. She is so funny and is becoming more of an extrovert.

At 11 months Matilda...
  • was not measured
  • has (finally) upgraded to toddler sized nappies after she started wetting through crawlers overnight.
  • still wears mainly 0 and some new size 1.
  • has taken to lying on the floor on her back to relax! 
  • still goes by her old nicknames but new ones include Bear and Chops (Cheeky Chops!).
  • says lots more words- duck (12/11), ta, bye, hi, poo, yay yay yay, boo, Ah Ah (as in no!)- and understands many more
  • lets go of what she's holding onto when standing. She can balance 'hands off' for a few seconds alone and has tried to take a few tentative steps to mum and grandma.
  • cuddles her soft toys when mum or dad hug them first and pass them to her.
  • Says 'yum' and 'mmm' when eating. She often holds her mouth open saying 'ah', even when the spoon is in and then snaps her mouth closed and says 'um!'
  • gives great cuddles. She wraps her arm around my neck and pulls in tight. Sometimes she pats my arm or back when she gives a hug.
  • has developed a funny sneeze habit- she will usually sneeze twice and on the second sneeze she carries the blurt and makes a raspberry sound.
  • often blows raspberries on mum- on my leg, arms and occasionally also while breastfeeding!
  • is learning more animal noises- owl (hoot), sheep (baa), cow (moo), snake (ssss).... but still she loves the fish 'bop' mouth most of all!
  • crosses her legs when sitting on the floor.
  • takes herself to her books to read. She enjoys some independent time like this each day.
  • loves her walker (and early birthday present) and her nativity set (early Christmas present).
  • had her first band-aid (17/11) after she cut her fingers. :(
  • dances and bops to music. She has always been keen on Dynamite- Taio Cruz but lately is really enjoying the funk and soul of Edwin Starr- 25 Miles.
  • gets books when asked.
  • is certainly more extroverted around others.
  • likes to have my hand placed on her cheek or face when she is breastfed. She is also quite the gymnast and contortionist when feeding at times!
  • gets very excited to see Anj and Nate. She waves from our driveway at their house every time we go outside.
  • waves at everyone and everything.
  • climbs stairs easily... doesn't know how to get down safely yet! 
  • loves pulling clothes out of her wardrobe!
  • wriggles A LOT when getting changed.
  • would happily eat bolognese and sweet potato mash for every meal. She eats this every day. Along with pureed pears and natural yoghurt. She still loves organic brown rice cereal and an oat one.
  •  met Jack's family at his 1st birthday... the grandma's wanted to know if we had brought the wedding invitations along and asked if she was their new granddaughter in law!
  • loves face time with Leah and Auntie Sarah.
  • visited playgroup as a trial at church.
  • seems to enjoy the Christmas vibe around the place- Santa not so much, but she is loving the many nativity photo ops she's had!
  • says 'pa' when she is on the phone.
  • has had a regression in sleeping... again! She still needs to be patted or rocked to sleep and is co-sleeping from some stage most nights and feeding every night. I'm not sure that I thought this would still be the case when she was 11 months but it works for us and controlled crying or crying it out is not an option. It doesn't sit right with us for our girl. 
Here is Cheeky Chops... who was most cooperative this month for her basket shots!

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