Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby shower: Part 2

Yesterday I left you with food, friends and the promise of games. Here they are! 

I had to dress a doll in a nappy, bib and onesie against my 'toughest competition'... my mum and mother in law! I won! :)

Mum giving it her best and earning 2nd place 
Lois and I doing our best
Nearly finished there (after one poor baby lost it's nappy!)
Once the dressing was done, the guests were invited to cut a piece of string that was (meant to be!) the circumference of my belly. Kat just beat Rach in that challenge, but I must say, my friends think that I'm a heifer! ;)

                                              Measuring up                                                                     Modelling my 'bump'.

Everyone gathering the length of their string...
Kat with the winning length!

After all of our games, it was time for more food and the opening of presents. I was VERY spoiled! Here are a few of the goodies...

Before long it was time to go, but there were people to thank...

Mary and Anth... baby shower planning champions!

The mums... for all their help on the day.

My lovely Tobes, who is going to be a GREAT dad!

And dad... who in traditional style, returned from his bike ride with the boys, walked into the back room and yelled that it was time for everyone to leave! Mary of course, not to be outdone, announced that the stripper had arrived and dad began to take off his shirt.  Yes... this little girl may need counselling with her family and friends, but she will be well loved!  

Tomorrow... some last minute advice from the shower...

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